Friday, July 6, 2012

the land of the midnight sun

My absence in the blog world is coming to a close. Though I can't promise regular postings 'til we get to Seattle. And, well, even then... We'll see ;) I'll try my best, how 'bout that?

Our time in Delta Junction came to a close last week and we spent our last day packing up and playing outside with our only Delta friends... an 11, 7, and 5 year old. The neighbor kids found their way into our yard each night we were outside tossing a frisbee, playing cards, or walking back from the store, and continually invited themselves to play along. Which we loved :) On our last afternoon with them we found ourselves playing frisbee, a game of kickball, taking turns on the swing, picking strawberries, and playing with their adorable puppy. Kids sure are busy! Playing with them every night served as our daily workout. Trying to keep up with them in a game of tag is hard stuff!

And off to Fairbanks we went! It's an hour and a half drive I'm almost positive I could make in my sleep, now. Though I usually was sleeping when we made it... Sorry Stephen. It's a beautiful drive with greens all around and several lakes along the way (Quartz lake we visited earlier that week!). Jon and Steph were still in Fairbanks when we got here on Friday (and they still are in Fairbanks!) so we were really looking forward to spending the week with them. When we left California in May, we didn't think we'd be seeing them again until the Fall, if that! So this was a pleasant surprise :)
On Saturday Fairbanks held a Battle of the Bands and a few friends of our were playing in it! Stephanie and I screamed and danced our way through their songs getting all sorts of attention from the judges and announcer, acting like some hardcore groupies. I think it helped ;)

Sunday meant church and another great sermon by Jeff. We were sad it was our last day going to Friends, it's always a treat to see everyone, huggin' and talkin' and catching up... I know I've said this before, but I really think I could live here just for the people.
After church the brothers and their wives and Sam (he's really just a brother, though) gathered up our canoes and rafts and headed for the Chena river. Because we had four rafts tied together (including the little "Club 100" that carried all our goodies) we were moving rather slow, when we were moving at all. It required some paddling, leaving my right arm tired and sore, but it was a fun afternoon :)
The day pretty much went downhill after that. While driving back to the Walls to meet everyone for dinner and games, the hood of our car flipped up onto the windshield at 55mph. The car we were going to sell this week... The car we bought for $6,000 that is now only worth a couple thousand... The hood is destroyed, completed dented and practically detaching from the car, the windshield is one tap away from collapsing in, and the top of the car is dented from the hood. Just our luck. I was sleeping when it happened and woke up assuming we'd be in a car accident! Terrified and tired I started hyperventilating (Stephen's favorite part of the story)! We made it to the side of the road and were able to tie the hood down long enough to get to the Walls. And just yesterday we were able to sell the stupid thing on Craigslist to a mechanic who can do all the work himself! Good riddens, Myrtle!

Monday wasn't quite as dramatic, thank goodness! We enjoyed a yummy Thai lunch with the Walls and Barneys and Stephen and I visited the Botanical Gardens, just before the rain hit. It was a lazy, easy, fun day and the gardens were beautiful! So many peonies! My favorite!

I don't have any more pictures of our happenings until Wednesday and the 4th came around, which will have to fall into another post because my computer is dying the charger has gone missing. Stephen and I are having a blast here in Fairbanks with our family and we're sad to be leaving on Saturday! Sad, too, that Jon and Steph are leaving tonight! (We're going to miss you guys!) Until then, a lunch date with Jeff and Sherri is in my future, and hopefully some more hugs and kisses with that adorable nephew of mine. 

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