Tuesday, September 11, 2012

mom & dad

One week, $180, and one pissed off pregnant lady later... We have our computer back! 

What seems like seems like ages ago, before our computer crashed, my parents came to town! They took a 12 hour detour on their way to the beach to bring us the rest of our stuff! Furniture, books, clothes, bikes... (Unpacking and moving in I'm realized that we have a lot of stuff). More than I wanted to unload the back of the pickup truck, I wanted to see them! It'd only been a few weeks, but with so much happening in Oregon and the craziness of moving in, it seemed like a lot longer. We were lucky enough to have them around for 4 days before Stephen had to start school. And because we now have two bedrooms, they got to stay with us! I kept telling Stephen how 'adult like' I felt having my parents visit us in our town and stay in our house and eat our food... It was kinda weird to be the ones hosting them for a change!

The night before my parents got in, Stephen and I enjoyed a prompt-to date night! We drove to Greenlake just a few miles from our house and walked around the walking path as the sun was setting. It has been nice since we got here but we know it'll come to a close soon enough so we wanted to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while we still can! (Seattle is just taunting us with this sun and 80 degree weather! Yes! 80 degree weather!) We walked along the shops and restaurants, enjoyed some frozen yogurt, and headed home for a night on the floor playing card games :)

And the next morning (though Stephen and I spent all evening thinking they'd surprise us and show up early!) my parents arrived! After unloading the truck and loading up our apartment, we walked through the University to the waterfront to meet cousin Spenser and his fiance (can you believe it?!) Hannah who were in town for a wedding! I'm so glad we finally got to meet her and see Spenser! Living a lot closer now, I hope we'll get to see them more!
 Oh, ps, she fits in perfectly ;)

On Sunday the four of us ventured onto the bus and down to the Farmer's Market. Famous Pike Place was as busy as ever, with all the usual yummy fruit, beautiful flowers, and crazy people. From there we walked to REI's flagship store, which was maybe my dad's favorite part of the trip. A kid in a candy store ;) And due to the crazy messed up bus system that I will never be using by myself, we walked through the University, home. Where we crashed.

Monday brought more sunshine (Seriously, Seattle! Major tease!) so we hopped on the bikes and explored our neighborhood! There are some beautiful, beautiful homes behind our apartments that sit right on the water... impressive. I tried to convince my parents to buy one, but I think they'll stick with the beach house. And considering we're only living here until July, it's probably a good idea.
My parents just recently bought paddle boards (Because why wouldn't you just buy paddle boards?!) and had yet to test them out! So we headed back to Greenlake and blew 'em up! Yes, they're inflatable! And actually feel like a solid board when you're on them, it's crazy! And fun! The boys had a hard time staying dry, but mom and I didn't seem to have a problem ;) What a work out, though! I was practically squatting the whole time trying to keep my balance! Since, my parents have used them a few more times and say it gets easier, especially on calmer water!

Monday night we had a few friends over for dinner as a last night of freedom treat for the boys. Tacos, babies, and playing Ticket to Ride... Not a bad way to end summer if you ask me!

On Tuesday, my parents and I headed to IKEA as Stephen headed off to his first day of school. And thanks to IKEA, we have a "big girl bedroom set" as I kept calling it. Last year, in Anchorage, we ended up with two crappy nightstands and broken dresser and a bed. So to add to the 'adult like' feeling I already had, we got a headboard, two matching nightstands that I love, a rug, and a working dresser! (That will soon become a changing table!) Our room is now somewhere I actually like to be, so pretty and cozy :)

And just like that, they were gone! My parents left on Wednesday morning after Stephen left for school, leaving me all alone! ...With a huge to-do list of things I still needed to get done before I started work. ...Which I'm still working on...

We're both so thankful that my parents made the trip up to see us! We loved having them here and hated to see them go! We're very, very grateful for all they've done for us and are so lucky to be so loved by them! Our door is always open to you two and we can't wait to see you again! We love you mom and dad!

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