Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This is a crazy adventure we're on, and I'm lucky enough to have two amazing friends going through it with me! Well, they're going through it with their husbands, but they create a pretty good support system for me :) Especially because they both have med school babies! And come February, I'm going to need all the help and advice I can get!
Last week we had an opportunity to attend a medical school spouse event. Honestly, if I didn't know Amanda and Whitney, I wouldn't have gone. But the three of us thought it sounded fun and agreed to go with each other. It. Was. Not. Fun. Most awkward event possibly ever! We thought there would be quite a few people there, for starters. There's 220 students in the class, more than 15 of them have got be married! We also thought that maybe there'd be a presentation or speaker or even a "welcome". No. The plate of crackers and first year student's girlfriends were all that was there. After a painful 10 minutes of small talk we bailed. Also awkward. In a small room with 15 people, getting up from the table and walking right out the door is incredibly obvious. Oops! ;)
Instead of medical school spouse night, we went to a yogurt shop and girl talked for much longer than the boys thought we'd be gone! I love getting to know these girls more and am so happy we get to share this experience with each other. How lucky am I?! :)

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  1. Totally Random Add (but glad I saw your pic), I fell upon your page when searching for WWAMI spouses. Ha...I was briefly at that ridiculous event too that the school put on!!! I just met your husband a short time ago when dropping him off from some med student thing he and my hubby were at. I think I may have met you at one of the volleyball games? Anyway just thought I'd say hello :-) and BTW congrats on the little guy!!