Saturday, September 29, 2012


You know how I said my weekly pictures would get better? I lied ;) Looking at this now I'm realizing that if I was facing the other direction, my face would be glowing instead of my bum. Oh well, next time!

According to my calculations (and my handy iphone app), I'm 19 weeks 2 days along! But when we went to the doctor on Wednesday, she told us the baby is measuring in at 20 weeks today! I've decided to go with somewhere in the middle and say I'm almost halfway. Crazy! :)

The best part about this week?! We were lucky enough to find out baby Wall is a BOY!

And he wasn't the least bit shy about it! The ultrasound tech asked us before hand if we wanted to find out the sex of the baby ...YES! And the first thing, litterally!, the very first thing we saw of our baby boy was this...

Way to make your daddy proud, son! So there's no denying it, we're having a boy :) I know all girls secretly want a little girl and all boys secretly want a little boy, but I kept telling myself that I want at least one of each eventually so it doesn't matter what order they come in! I still thought maybe I'd be a little disappointed if it wasn't a girl, but I couldn't hold back the tears and smiles when that little penis came on the screen :) It may not be worth bragging rights to him when he's older, but I'm going to have myself a momma's boy :)

We went through the rest of the body with the ultrasound tech, hands, feet (all ten fingers and all ten toes!), heart, spine, bladder, brain... Baby boy is healthy and a mover! When she would hold it still we could watch him lay there and repeatedly kick the placenta over and over again! He was constantly rolling around so it was hard for her to get a good profile shot, but it was so neat to see him in there! It made it so much more real and exciting and lifted such a huge weight off my shoulders! (I was prepared for the midnight feedings and poopy diapers, but all this worrying...?! He's not even here yet and he's constantly on my mind and heart.) 

Crazy to think I'm almost halfway there! 20 more weeks and I get to hold my baby... 
Smells still aren't my friend (Especially the chicken I cooked yesterday! Stephen said was delicious but the smell wouldn't let my tummy try it! Booo!) 
I can pretty much eat just about anything without upsetting my tummy (Only if it smells good enough to let me get near it!), but I'm not eating enough. I still don't actually get hungry. I have to remind myself to eat. I've gained only 3 pounds this pregnancy and I didn't lose much or any in the first trimester from being sick, so the doctor encouraged me to eat, eat, eat!
I still don't have a full energy battery, which will be interesting with starting work this week. The smallest things still make me tired and even after a nap I can sleep for ten hours, easy!
The baby is growing and about the size of a mango (6 inches, 8 ounces). And my tummy is finally starting to show it! Still, it depends on what I'm wearing, and even in some tighter fitting clothes someone still might mistake me for chubby instead of pregnant. But! I know that my bump is baby and am constantly rubbing it and loving it :)
I've been doing my best to stay fit, trying all the stretches that supposedly help with labor and getting back into shape after baby. Stephen and I go on plenty of walks (even if it is to Safeway for a maplebar), and I follow him to the gym every time he goes to play volleyball. 
I bought my first baby boy clothes yesterday! :) I had to go to Target for something else and just couldn't resist! My mom has been buying things slowly on the side since we found out we were pregnant (And maybe  even a few before we found out! ...Mom!) But this was my first baby boy purchase!

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