Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Alright. Please disregard everything I ever said about looking pregnant. I lied. Baby went back into hibernation and unless I'm wearing a form fitting dress with a belt under my boobs and just ate a hamburger, you really can't tell. Do I wish I look pregnant? Yes. But I think it's a sign I'm a little too early when I'm making Stephen take tummy pictures in public and people are giving me weird looks. And I've seen the pictures. I would have looked at me weird, too. I don't look pregnant. Though I certainly feel it. I keep waiting for that second trimester amaziness you hear all about to kick in... I have more energy, sure, but I still get tired so easily and so often. Cramps at least once a day. And aren't I supposed to be eating for two?! After breakfast I basically forget to eat the rest of day. I never feel hungry. And some things the baby just doesn't want anything to do with. Aka, the smell of pulled pork wafting out of my kitchen. Another thing that hasn't changed is the number of times I visit the bathroom in a day. And night. I need to invest in some nightlights so I no longer run into the bathroom door head first. Yeah. That happened. Where is this glowing skin I keep hearing about, too? 

All symptoms aside, Stephen and I are still pretty excited about this baby :) Slowly but surely we are narrowing down our list of baby names and have started a pile in the guestroom of baby stuff (car seat, changing pad, baby tub... Mostly all thanks to my sister). In two weeks I have a doctor's appointment with an anatomy ultra sound scheduled and we'll most likely find out the sex of the baby! Boy? Girl? I should start taking bets...

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