Tuesday, September 11, 2012

study break

As a study break on Saturday, Stephen and I ventured out of the house just before sunset to Queen Anne. On Google's top ten things to do in Seattle was to see the Seattle skyline from this park (To be honest, I can't remember the name of it and am too lazy to Google it. How sad is that.) It was gorgeous! A little windy, but what a pretty view?! Can't imagine how expensive the rent is at the apartments across the street!

Next, after an emergency bathroom break at Trader Joe's (thanks baby!), we headed to a different park! I don't know the name of this one, either. Don't judge. But we made it in perfect time to watch the sunset against the mountains! What a crazy place we live in... Staring at a busy downtown skyline one minute, and water and mountains the next.
 Trying to look pregnant :)

It was a fun evening filled with awkward people everywhere! ;) I was thankful for the time alone with Stephen and I'm sure he was equally thankful for the study break!

On Sunday we enjoyed our morning at church! We've been twice now to Bethany Community Church just a few miles away and have really liked it! This Sunday we got to hear the head pastor speak and he gave a really good message! He was super energetic and talkative, but it helped me stay away and pay attention! :) We originally talked about trying out quite a few churches, but we might have gotten lucky with our first one!


  1. Allison - the first park is Kerry park - we used to go there all the time when we were at SPU and I think the second one is Discovery park maybe? Also, Bethany was the church Stephen and I went to in college! Your blog is making me nostalgic for our college days in Seattle! : )

    1. Well if you get nostalgic enough to come back and visit make sure you let us know! We'd love to see you three! :)