Sunday, October 28, 2012


23 weeks, 3 days down, 16 weeks and 4 days to go! (Relatively, of course.) It's so crazy how time flies by, yet drags on at the same time... Baby boy is coming soon and we've better start preparing because he'll be here before we know it! :)

When my mom and sister were in town, they came with me to register! Babies R Us is by far the most overwhelming store...ever. What is this? Do I need this? It comes in how many colors? It goes where? Seriously, who knew! Plenty of time after we arrived, though, baby Wall has a registry! (That I keep updating and changing because I keep remembering and forgetting and changing my mind...)

Baby boy Wall also got an entire new wardrobe when my family was in town! A 50% discount at Gap is hard to beat, so little Uriah is going to be one preppy kid! Bringing home all those small clothes made it feel a little more real, though, not that the belly growing under my shirt doesn't keep reminding me... I can just start to picture him in those outfits and wrapping him up in those blankets... And then I start smiling and crying and getting all mushy.

I had another doctor's appointment last Wednesday and am happy to say that everything looks good! My belly is measuring a little small and baby boy is measuring a little big, so we're still going with the February 21st due date! His heartbeat was hard to hear because he was moving around so much the doctor couldn't follow him! Just like he did with daddy's stethoscope, he would kick/punch the Doppler wherever it went on my belly! Though he doesn't need something on my belly to be kicking and punching! Still, constantly, all the time he is moving around! And though it makes it hard to fall asleep, wakes me up in the middle of the night, sends me to the bathroom twice as much... I love the feeling and wouldn't trade it for the world! :)

I have also gained four pounds! (The only time in life I will be celebrating weight gain!) I've still only gained 7 pounds this whole pregnancy, but I did almost a pound a week since my last doctor's appointment so she was pleased and not too worried. Work helps me keep my appetite up and smells are bothering me less and less so I've been eating more and more!

I have little else to report on baby and momma! Stephen and I are just as excited as ever to meet him and bring him into this world and our family... He is loved so much already!

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