Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my favorite room in the house

Welcome to our bedroom. My favorite room in the house! The dresser that will soon become a changing table, the 'S & A' signed by all our family and friends from our wedding, the giraffe and turtle stuffed animals that represent us.... Our new "big girl" bed set, Nana's stuffed animal bear, all the photos of us throughout our relationship... I could spend my entire day in this room! In fact, today I've done just that! Laying here with my belly out, an open window, the light streaming in, sipping on a banana smoothie, bible reading, and baby boy pinteresting... It's a good day :)


  1. I love everything about your bed! It is way cute.


    1. Thank you! Most of its from Ikea but the throw and two square pillows are from Target. Wish I could say I was crafty enough to make those pillows myself! ;)