Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today we went on a walk.

Seattle is beautiful. All the trees are turning yellow and red and the weather is incredible, cool and crisp in the mornings and warm during the days. I really don't think it could be any more perfect... So for Stephen's Saturday study break we walked our way through campus to University Ave. where there is an American Apparel and the cutest baby boy bro tanks and hoodies...just like daddy's :) After some more window shopping and walking, we took advantage of our two for one coupon at Qdoba and walked our way home, where we sat on the bedroom floor in our jammies and scarfed down our burritos.

Today I am feeling overwhelmed with joy at this life I have been so privileged to live. How does God see me as deserving of all of this? My incredible husband, my baby boy, our nice home, our safety, the food in our bellies, our friends and family... Though I won't stop to question Him too long. Instead, I will smile and laugh and soak it all in and thank Him profusely for all I have been given.

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