Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beaver believers!

For date night number four, Stephen and I went to the OSU, UW football game! We had contemplated going for a while, but decided our weekend would probably be too busy and I hadn't put in a request off work so I'd most likely be working... But then we found out I got off at 5 and Ben and Amanda were going and, well, we just couldn't resist the chance to see our Beavers play!

And lose?! The one and only game we'll go to this season and we got to watch the beavers lose their undefeated streak... Never in history have they been 7-0! How fun would it have been to be winners in the sea of all that purple and gold! Regardless, it was a fun night :)

We opted to go to the game a little late because I was exhausted from work and needed some grub, so after dinner we made our way to a coffee shop for pumpkin lattes and doughnuts (OSU colors and all! I was too anxious to eat it to wait for the picture!) We hopped on a couple buses and made our way to the stadium! Since the Husky stadium is under construction, the games are held in the Century Link field downtown where the Seahawks play! We missed the worst of the rain, and part of the 1st quarter, but the rest of the game was intense and fun! :)

I'll take a 6-1 season over the Huskies 4-4 season any day!


  1. You are adorable!

    Looks like such a fun time. I looove me some football. :)

    1. Well thanks so much, Katie! Regardless of our loss, it was a fun night :)