Wednesday, October 24, 2012

girls weekend!

Midterms on Mondays, flag football on Tuesdays, volleyball on Wednesdays... Is there anything this husband of mine doesn't do? Not to mention attending classes for five hours a day, five days a week, waking up at six am to study, study, study!, attending church every Sunday and spending time in His word, the occasional cooking and cleaning, paying all sorts of attention to his wife, and all the while being ridiculously charming and good looking... Seriously! Did I marry Superman? ;) And after a friends' house warming party on Thursday, he put up with having four girls in his house for the weekend while studying for his fourth midterm in a row! Which, he passed :)

It was definitely different having four girls around for the weekend, but different in a fun way! Waking up to Harper's sweet sounds in the morning, staying up later than usual talking with my mom and sister, having a reason to buy ice cream and oreos, and oh the shopping...!

Friday, the four of us ventured downtown (after a very lazy morning talking and relaxing and enjoying each other's company) to contribute to Seattle's economy, which we did generously! There aren't a lot of shops in Pocatello (ok, there are no shops in Pocatello) so mom and Ashley had a lot on their list! H&M, Anthropolgie, Forever21, Nordstrom, Victoria Secret, Old Navy, Gap... Lots of baby clothes later we made our way home! (Which is where the ice cream and oreos came in!)
On Saturday morning we met up with Ben and Amanda and Natalie so my mom could take their family pictures! And though I haven't seen them on the screen, just on the back of my mom's camera, they're soo cute! Such a beautiful family to photograph :) She also snapped a few of Stephen and I and baby Uriah in my belly! I'll be sure to share when I get them back! After photos and lunch, us girls walked over to the Uvillage shopping district where I work just across the street from our house (Yes, more shopping!). I got to show them around my Gap, enjoyed some Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, and a made a few more stops before coming home to make my favorite Cuban dish for dinner!
Sunday means church around here and Stephen and I dragged their butts with us! It was a wonderful sermon (As usual!) on truly "seeing", one that I would love to share with you in a different post! I loved getting to share that with my mom and sister! Our faith is such a huge and important part of our lives and our marriage, I wanted them to be able to see a piece of that. After the usual doughnuts and coffee that follow the sermon, we headed home for cuddle time and naps, before us girls made our way to Babies R Us so I could register! Most overwhelming store, EVER! But a successful trip nonetheless. We ended Sunday as we had the other days, eating ice cream, loving on Harper, and playing games :)
On Monday, as Stephen headed out to take his midterm, we headed for downtown to go to Pikes Place Market! (I still can't believe Ashley had never been to Seattle!) We got our doughnuts and dried fruit and wandered the booths and watched the fish fly... It was chilly and sprinkling but between the market and more shops we had ourselves a fun afternoon! I took them to the airport after and hated every minute of it! It's always hard to say goodbye to family but especially now that I'm pregnant and oh so emotional! I love and appreciate the two of them more than they will ever know! And then there's Harper... Whom I can't even begin to talk about without tearing up! So let's just say they are missed... badly...

Harper picture overload? No such thing :) She is the most beautiful babe, always laughing and smiling... Just like her momma. I loved every minute of their visit and already can't wait to see them again during the holidays! Thank you for coming to visit, thank you for clothing my child in the cutest clothes, thank you for loving me and my husband, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We love you!

P.S. Cheers to my 100th blog post and our 14,160 something views! Happy to share our adventures with you! :)

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