Friday, October 12, 2012


Yes, my backside is still glowing, but it's better than the insane glare that came off my glasses when I faced the other way...

I have completed 21 weeks and am a couple days into my 22nd week! (But who knows how big baby boy is actually measuring!) More than halfway done? Say whhaaat?! When I think about June and when we found out we were expecting, it seems soo long ago; we've done so much since then! But, then when I really think about it, it was practically just the other day. So I'm divided between freaking out that baby is coming way too soon and being incredibly impatient that he won't be here for a while! I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to meet him and hold him and kiss him and see what he looks like and to start our lives with him! But I'm also trying really hard to not wish this time away, and enjoy these last few months alone with Stephen and the experience of being pregnant.

I can officially feel baby boy move on the regular. There were two times before my last appointment when I was 18 weeks and something days where I was sure I felt him move. But at the appointment, the ultrasound tech said my placenta was still pretty thick and I wouldn't be able to feel him moving for a few more weeks... Well, she was wrong. Every time I lay down he is rolling and kicking and I'm positive that that's what I felt when I was 18 weeks! Uriah :) I've felt him from the inside and out and Stephen's been able to feel him move, now, too! It's the craziest, weirdest, most wonderful feeling!

My belly bump is still small, and even though I know when I'm 9 months pregnant and don't look 9 months pregnant I'll be really thankful, I am anxious to get bigger! Most people at work have no idea I'm pregnant until I find away to bring it up in the conversation, and I've had two customers assume that I just found out I was pregnant and couldn't believe I was actually 5 months along... But today! I had a customer ask me when I was due, without telling her I was pregnant! The very first person to notice I was pregnant and say something about it (that didn't already know...)! I could have hugged her.

And even if my belly isn't expanding, my boobs sure are. They caused me nothing but pain for the first three plus months and now they're just in the way. Most of my dresses and some of my shirts no longer fit, not due to the baby bump. I went from a 34 C to a 36 D. D, people. As in damn! Tmi? Maybe. But I'm convinced that if they continue to expand along with my belly, I will not be able to stand up.

I don't have a scale at home so I don't know how my weight gaining is going, but hopefully well! Working has made my appetite go up a little, but I still don't know if I'm eating enough to work towards that pound a week I'm aiming for... But the ice cream in the freezer is helping! ;)

I bought my first pair of maternity pants...! Most of my pants still fit with a rubber band around the button, a few still button all on their own! But I've got a few that I can barley zip and those few happen to be my favorite jeans. So with such a wonderful discount at work I bought myself some maternity pants! (And some other fun prego clothes!) And the second I slipped them on I wondered why I haven't been wearing them all this time. They're soo comfortable! I can bend down without them busting at the seems and they don't press on my bladder that is always about to erupt, anyway! I might never take them off! ;)

My energy level, appetite, and excitement are all up, and I'm feeling really good! (Minus one day of very bad back pain) Love this little man and am so excited to bring him into this world and this crazy fun life of ours :)

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