Wednesday, September 17, 2014

when Papa comes to town!

We convinced my dad to drive to Boise for the weekend, because while we were willing to make the drive to Pocatello, he wouldn't have a toddler to settle down in the backseat ;) When he got to town Friday night we were at the park and Uriah's reaction to seeing Papa come around the corner was priceless! Stunned confusion and excitement was all over his face as a little smile crept up on his lips. We spent the rest of the evening playing at the park before heading home for a "midnight" snack and bedtime.
The weather was perfect early fall weather on Saturday so after a big breakfast and playtime in our jammies, we headed for the zoo! Uriah knows all the animals and their sounds and I love taking him the older he gets. He would hold his stuffed giraffe out at the giraffes and Wink, his penguin, at the penguins - I love that he understands so much, now, even if he's not the best communicator, yet ;) We all had a blast running around the zoo and made sure not to miss a single animal! After a long morning, though, Uriah was definitely ready for a nap, so we snagged some sandwiches on our way home and had a quick lunch before we all took an afternoon nap.
That evening we headed over to the Hyde Park street fair and stopped into the toy store and ice cream shoppe before taking Papa to the pool at the Y. They have the best kiddy pool with a little slide and balls to play with - Uriah loves it! He also loves the big pool and the big slide and I think he made daddy take him down that one about ten times before we called it quits.
Sunday morning was the first time Uriah has ever slept in past 7:20 - he made it to 7:45...! Which was nice for my dad because he was sleeping on the living room floor, so we didn't have to wake him up at the crack of dawn.
Sunday means church and I'm really happy my dad was able to come with us this week and hear our pastor. Every time we've brought someone to church, it's been someone else speaking! Stephen and I are so happy with the church we've found here in Boise and have finally been able to start settling in more this summer now that most of our traveling is over. We love the people and the music and the sermons and I love getting to share that with others. It's really important to us and my favorite part of every Sunday and I'm thankful my dad was up for coming along :)
After church we had a yummy lunch at Blue Sky Bagels (one of my favorite eats in Boise!) and then headed to the mall so Papa and Uriah could buy some jeans. My dad had to head back to Pocatello not too long after that, but Uriah still talks about him and his visit - "Papa. Boo (zoo) Rawr" and he mentions his name every time he holds up his football (because he knows Papa likes football!)
Thank you for coming to visit, dad (my first and most constant blog reader!) We loved getting to spend some extra one on one time with you and are so appreciative of your company and all the yummy food you bought us! (Those cookies....!) Until next time!

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