Monday, September 29, 2014

Boise's Fit One

Two weekends ago was Boise's Fit One 5k. The walk used to be called Women's Fitness, and as the name suggests, was a womens only walk. I have been doing the walk with my mom and sister (and aunt and cousins and friends!) since... I can remember?! We would always make a weekend out of it - coming to Boise, staying in a hotel all together, doing the walk in the morning, going shopping and swimming in the pool - I loved doing it! I skipped a few years in college and then while we were living away, but last year, the first year it was no longer "Women's Fitness", my sister came up to Boise with her girlfriends and we did it together for the first time in years! This year my mom was able to be here, too, as well as my aunt and two of my friends and their babes (one, in the belly!)

It was a fun day in perfect Boise weather - dancing at the starting line, weaving through the other walkers on the path through downtown Boise, a picnic waiting for you at the finish line in Ann Morrison park - though the forever long bus line in the heat at the end was sorta a major bummer...

I decided to do the walk sorta last minute and I'm so happy the others jumped on board with me! Uriah loved the company, too - "Parper" and "Natta" are his best friends (he doesn't really care for Remi or David- I think we're going to be in trouble when the baby comes!)

I got a little bummed during the walk when I realized I wouldn't be around next year to participate, but this year was a good way to finish my walk participation, for now!

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