Thursday, September 18, 2014

Uriah's room - an update

the dresser was a Seattle craigslist find that we painted "grass green" by Behr paint - the rug is from Target
the tool bench was a 1st birthday gift from my parents from Ikea - the fabric basket was a steal from TJMaxx - the rocker and beautiful quilt were both gifted by friends
the dresser and fabric bins are from Target
the tent was a surprise from Stephen: he constructed it from pvc pipe and I potato stamped and sewed the sheet
the alphabet abacus was another 1st birthday gift and is the wonderful B. brand
the crib is from Ikea - the bear rug is from Alaska, courtesy of my husband and a gun
the hooks on the wall are from Land of Nod - the 'Uriah' banner was a gift from my aunt Terri
the Love Sac was a college dorm room purchase turned Uriah's favorite place to flop

So that's that, Uriah's 'big boy' room. I loved his room when we first set it up last summer, but it was much more 'nursery', and now that he can handle the stairs to his attic room all by himself, we're spending a lot more time up there (because if you remember, I apparently can't handle stairs and a twenty pound babe on the regular) and it needed a few changes.

An attic bedroom for a little one isn't ideal because there's no door to shut the downstairs noise out, so Uriah has had to become a pretty sound sleeper and Stephen and I have had to learn to use our inside voices only ;) I love the attic bedroom for it's space, though. The whole upstairs, with exception of a desk mostly used for storage, is all Uriah's and he loves to run circles around the stairwell - chase is our go-to activity when we're trying to wear him out before nap and bedtime.

It took us awhile to put the room together because we were working with a tight budget, so most of what you see was gifted or DIYed, which I love because it gives his room so much more meaning and sentiment.

I realize these photos are of no professional quality, not even a little, but regardless of what it looks like in pictures, Uriah's room is my favorite in the house. It's so bright and fun while still being all sorts of cozy. I love watching him read books in his tent and build towers on his tool bench and it is my favorite part of every day when I nurse and rock him to sleep in that chair.

Oh, and yes, he really does sleep with that many stuffed animals in his crib.


  1. Amazing!!!! I love it so much!

    1. Well thanks so much! Means a lot coming from you and your beautiful babies' rooms!

  2. Wow! That is a stunning transformation of Uriah's room. I love how the nursery went up to be a big boy room so dramatically. He must've jumped up and down with so much excitement when he first saw his new room. You really did a great job on that one! Kudos and all the best! :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express