Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the one where my in-laws came to visit

I am many weeks and many photo dumps behind on my blog - summer has kept me busy, but as fall starts peaking around the corner I feel like it's ok to sit down with a coffee and write a post while the babe naps, whereas the heat of summer just makes me feel like I should be doing something...? I don't know. But, either way... 

A few weeks ago, my in-laws flew down from Fairbanks to spend the week with us and it was perfect timing. They arrived the night of Stephen's boards so he was done, done, DONE and all ours for the rest of the week! (Heaven, I tell you, heaven!) Their visit fell right as the mornings started to chill and the sun started to set a little earlier, but the days were still full of sunshine and warmth. Instead of a hotel, they found the quaintest little house just a ten minute walk away from ours - the large back yard was a huge hit with Uriah and we enjoyed dinner out on the deck I think almost every night. 

We did a lot of that, eating, and playing outside. Jeff and Stephen floated the river, we did a little shopping, made a trip to the zoo, splashed in the pool, watched movies and Uriah had a sleepover with Baba and Pa, which meant Stephen and I had a whole morning to ourselves (!!!) We went over every morning after Uriah woke up and kept him up past his bedtime almost every night. 

We don't get to see them nearly enough, but it seems that every time we do is all the better and more cherished because of that. Stephen's parents love Uriah and it makes my heart swell to know he is so often thought of and prayed for. We are so grateful they took the time to come see us and can't wait to make the trip up to Fairbanks in November to see them and the rest of the family! 

^^ I realize I should have many more pictures with this post, but this one sums up the week pretty perfectly. Sunshine, smiles and beer. Honestly, it doesn't get any better ^^ 

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