Monday, September 1, 2014

taking stock 007

Making: plans. 
Cooking: moose! my first attempt will be tonight - wish me luck! 
Drinking: agua. Though if you had asked me yesterday I would have said a pumpkin spice latte and I would have said it with a smile on my face. 
Reading: Psalms and underlining everything. 
Wanting: nothing. ok, maybe not nothing, there are always unnecessary wants floating around my mind, but truly, when I read "wanting", nothing came to mind. I am extremely content today, right now, with this life. 
Looking: forward to tonight and Thursday and next Monday and October 18th and Thanksgiving and April. 
Playing: chase and hide-and-go-seek - Uriah's current favorites. 
Wasting: time on the internet. 
Wishing: for courage. 
Enjoying: some "me" time at Starbucks. Though I could write this blog post and read my bible at home, I'm here, solo, soaking up the minutes without a toddler running around my ankles.  
Waiting: for Stephen to text me and ask me when I'm coming home ;)
Liking: texting my dad. He's a good one, guys.
Wondering: about things. 
Loving: that Uriah is getting comfortable with the church nursery. He still cries when we drop him off, but is always smiling and playing when we pick him up. I was actually happy to find him uninterested in mom returning to the nursery yesterday...!
Hoping: for a moment of clarity, of sorts.  Hoping for answers. 
Marveling: at my nieces. Is that silly? They're just so beautiful and wonderful and perfect and I just love them so much...! 
Needing: to be more intentional with my time and in my relationships. 
Smelling: I wish I was smelling Starbucks, but my nose is stuffed. 
Wearing: the t-shirt I wear every time I don't know what to wear. 
Following: friends. 
Noticing: Uriah's growing, intellectually, and fast. 
Knowing: that's it's going to be ok.  
Thinking: about yesterday's sermon. It was a convicting one and I know I need to take action on it, but I need to figure out how. 
Feeling: tired, but a cozy, ok kind of tired. 
Bookmarking: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, because, sorry Stephen, I fall asleep every night. 
Opening: silly cards from my mom that make me smile and laugh. She always sends the best cards. 
Giggling: over the conversation at the table next to me. I'm pretty sure I'm eavesdropping on a sorta first date between friends. You guys, it's awkward. 
Feeling: ready. 

^^ And some completely unrelated pictures of my most handsome date to my friend's wedding, which, was stunningly beautiful - both the venue and the bride ^^ 


  1. time away at starbucks is so nice! sometimes i know if i'm home that i will get distracted and start cleaning or something.. so it's definitely helps me focus to get out of the house and to a coffee shop!

    1. Yes! Not that I'd rather be cleaning... ;) But I lose my focus so easily! My husband's schedule is so busy, I tend to want to spend his rare off time as a family, but getting away by myself to recharge is so important, too.

  2. oh he is absolutely adorable & so is your blog :)

    1. Well I think so, too ;) And thank you! It's not much, but I like it!

  3. these are my favorite posts to read and do! hey how'd the moose meat go? I find the crock pot always works wonders on it!

    1. The moose spaghetti was a success! I have moose stew in the crockpot right now! :)