Friday, September 19, 2014

Five Friday Favorites

Another round of Five Friday Favorites of blogger/Instagram mommas! I'm pretty sure no one that follows my blog doesn't already follow these ladies as well, but they're favorites of mine that are worth sharing!

1. Natalie
This beautiful momma is one to two - the cutest twin boys you ever will see! I can't imagine having twins, but Natalie makes it look so easy (and stylish!) though she often admits it is not, and I love to hear the truth from mommas! She is a very talented photographer, making her own pictures of her boys even more drool worthy, and an incredible do it yourself-er. Her and her best friend, Britt, run the Three Little Crowns blog, which is another most follow along with. (Which would technically make this post "Six Friday Favorites", but that doesn't sound as good so let's just pretend.) There you will find more of Natalie's heart spilled out on pages, pictures of her sweet boys and lots of "I wanna do that!" projects. She has always been so sweet and encouraging to her followers and I have loved getting a glimpse into her little Canada life. You want a happy feed to follow? Natalie's your girl.
Instagram: @natalieyoung29 // @threelittlecrowns
Blog: Those Young Twins // Three Little Crowns

2. Tisse
Tisse has such a beautiful heart and soul and she captures it so well in her pictures and words. She sorta makes me wanna be a hippie, in the very best way possible. Because if I could pull off a long flowered skirt with natural hair and face, well I would. And she does, beautifully!, and her originality and freedom are inspiring. She's a fantastic yogi and mother of one sweet little Navi who is constantly being quoted on her Instagram pictures (and she says some seriously cute stuff, guys!) She has been in love with her husband since she was 14 (makes for the sweetest love story) and lives with him and their dog pack on the most beautiful piece of property you will ever see. She also has her own Etsy shop, Rad Earth Supply Co, where you can find beautiful hand stamped bracelets and clothing for you and your little. And! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, she announces that she's expecting another little babe this April...!
Instagram: @tissespieces
Blog: Tisse's Pieces

3. Grace
Grace refers to herself in third person. This momma is one to four... under the age of four...! Married to a resident, with a fellowship right around the corner, Grace is constantly writing the cold hard facts of raising her wild brood while working around night shifts. (I figure if she can do residency with four, I can do it with one, right?) She is hilarious and honest and an absolute breath of fresh air! I have no idea how she does it all, but she does it with so much, well, grace! Her children are a d o r a b l e - the whole blue eyed, blonde bunch. I came across her feed when she was pregnant with their youngest and have loved following along ever since. My favorite line from her "about" page on her blog reads, "She likes her births medicated and her Hulu extra trashy." You don't want to miss this one, folks, I'm tellin' 'ya!
Instagram: @camp_patton
Blog: Camp Patton

4. Kate
A new momma of two, this California beauty has been such a sweet friend to get to know. I have loved following along during her pregnancy with sweet Olivia and have loved her honesty in the transition process from one to two. All mommas know theres plenty of good and bad in parenting and it's comforting to know we're not alone! Loving her life as a stay at home mom, Kate is always posting pictures of her babes, yummy goodies, craft projects and family pictures. She is a crazy talented decorator (you should see her little one's nursery!) and I swear her kids could be fashion models (both for their adorableness and style!). She is so sweet and genuine - I love having her everyday pictures pop up in my feed, making me feel like I'm seeing pictures of a good friend. When are you guys visiting Idaho again? ;)
Instagram: @fourfischies
Blog: The Little Fischie's

5. Mrs. Measom
This brunette bombshell is a happy momma of one sweet little boy. Her son, DC, has a killer set of blue eyes - drool worthy! She followed her hubby and his career this summer from Utah to Michigan and it has been so fun to follow along on their adventure (moving with a babe, I know how you feel!) Her home is crazy well styled (seriously K, can you come decorate for me?!) and, so is she! I love getting fashion inspiration from her posts. You'll also find on her blog plenty of YouTube videos sharing her current favorites and beauty tutorials. In her spare time (though I still don't understand how moms ever have any of that) she started and runs her own Etsy shop making crazy beautiful wall hangings. In one of her most recent Instagram posts, she talked about women encouraging women instead of bringing each other down and competing with each other - and that's just who she is, loving and encouraging.
Instagram: @xomrsmeasom 
Blog: xo, mrs measom

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