Saturday, December 1, 2012


During my 27th week of pregnancy...

During my 28th week of pregnancy...

And now, at 28 weeks complete! (Plus two days!)

At about 17 inches long and a little over 2 pounds, he is seriously always on the move! Seven to ten pm is his favorite time of the day and at any given moment during those few hours you can feel or see him tap dancing his way across my belly! His new trick is to hit both sides of my belly at the same time! I can't tell which end is a hand and which is a foot, but he is either one very long baby (quite possible!) or he's running out of room! There have been a few nights where I am exhausted from work and the kicking and rolling won't cease and it is officially uncomfortable and annoying and I want to cry (and I have!) ...But then he'll take a break for just one minute and when the next kick comes I can't help but smile and laugh! He's already driving me crazy and I already love him so much I don't care! I know I'm going to miss the movements once he's here, so I'm trying my best to not take advantage of this time.

I've gained just under two pounds since my last appointment two weeks ago, and since a pound a week is what I'm aiming for, I did good! :) Though they always ask if I need/want to see a nutritionist because I'm technically a few pounds under the average, or what they're hoping I'd be, but I always say no because I like eating pretty much whatever I want whenever I want... The weight will come eventually ;)

I got to hear his heartbeat thumping away at 143 bpm! Even though I know by all the movements that his heart is hard at work, I love getting to hear his heartbeat! It makes everything a little bit more real and exciting...

My belly is measuring in at 27 centimeters and they say the centimeters coincide with how many weeks along you are, so I'm just barely smaller than "normal". With thankfully, no stretch marks! (Knock on wood!) Though I am officially in maternity pants and maternity pants only... I am not my sister who wore her low rise size twos all the way through her pregnancy! Baby boy is sitting too low! Nothing zips! :( Haha! The incredibly unattractive stretchy band is oh so comfortable, though!

My glucose test came back with a very low number, which in this case is a good thing! Though no one was concerned I had diabetes, it was reassuring nonetheless! My iron levels were much lower than they'd like, though, so I've been put on an iron supplement. I used to be anemic when I was younger, so I wasn't surprised. This might explain all my weak and sleepy days! I thought the third tri-mester low was just hitting me early! Hoping after a week or so on these pills my energy levels kick back up to normal!

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