Friday, December 14, 2012


In my 29th week of pregnancy...

In my 30th week of pregnancy...

And now, at 30 weeks complete!

Can't believe I only have ten weeks left! I miiiight even be crossing my fingers for one or two less... As long as he's healthy, I wouldn't mind getting to meet him sooner rather than later :)

My doctors appointments are now every two weeks apart, but since our vacation started as soon as Stephen's final was over, I canceled the next two and won't be going back in until January, which they said was perfectly fine because everything is looking great for baby and I!

With no doctor's appointment, though, I don't know how much weight I've gained. I'm ok with staying blissfully unaware for now, though ;) It'll be a whopping big number come January, I'm sure, but all the Christmas cookies and feasts will be too hard to avoid! Maybe the holidays is the best time to be pregnant... I'm supposed to be gaining weight!

My intestines officially hate my iron supplement. Goody. And while it has yet to fix my oh-so-very-tired-all-the-time problem, I'm sure it's doing baby and I some good!

His kicks and twitches and rolls are starting to feel different now that he's bigger and is running out of room. My belly is no longer perfectly round, for he's usually got a knee or elbow or head or bum sticking out somewhere. I can't always tell the difference and wish I could see what he was doing in there! Stephen gets a kick out of feeling him move! Wish he could feel it from the inside! One, so he understands when the tears of annoyance come, but two, because it's just about the weirdest and best feeling in the world!

He has yet to get a case of the hiccups, or I at least have yet to feel them. I've read they kinda feel like your baby has a strong twitch...? If that's true, then I might have felt them twice, but it's hard to know!

When the back pain started a few weeks ago, I knew it was only going to get worse... And I know it will still only get worse... But OUCH! When evening rolls around, my back just can't take it anymore. I've tried baths and pillows and pads and stretching and everything the book says... Nothing has made me feel the slightest bit better but falling asleep. (Which is really hard to do!) Stephen's become a pro at the pregnancy massage, which I am very, very grateful for! (Poor guy, all he gets is my attempts to be showered by the time he gets home from class...) So any and all tips for relieving back pain would be very much appreciated!

Still slowly adding to his wardrobe... I said 'goodbye' to my amazing Gap discount by purchasing him two pairs of big boy jeans that were too cute to pass up. I organized all his clothes a few mornings ago while Stephen was reading to me. Partly because I love looking at them all and partly so I could make a list of what we have and what we still need. Everyone is so excited to meet him and love on him, I know he'll be plenty spoiled!

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