Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fairbanks {part 1}

This year was the year for a Ryan family Christmas, so we took full advantage of Stephen's time off of school and headed up north, first, to spend some time in the snow with the Walls before heading to Idaho to celebrate Christmas. Stephen and I got into Fairbanks late Wednesday night (two Wednesday's ago) and had a non-stop, busy, fun week with his family! 

The first few days in our trip included playing in the snow ^^ before the weather turned and reached -45! Yes, NEGATIVE 45 degrees! And no, that's not abnormal. Crazy, right?! You cannot live in Fairbanks without that wonderful auto start! Nor can you make it from your car to the front door without your nose hairs freezing and your lungs cutting off your air supply! Inside, though, is always nice and cozy and warm and welcoming... Which is where we spent most of our time!

Sleeping in, listening to Christmas music, wrapping presents, lots of talking, annual cookie decorating with friends, family trips to the gym for basketball games and zumba class, lots of 'oohing' and 'awwing' over Triston and our new nephew, James, movies, games, church...

I know Stephen was happy to spend so much time with his brothers, playing racquetball, Halo, "the ball game"... The boys even got to spend a night on the slopes snowboarding (however illegal it may have been), and I got plenty of time with my sister-in-laws relaxing, with one being pregnant and one a new mom, we had lots to talk about! And we both got to enjoy a triple date to see the Hobbit, a mini dinner date just for us, time with Stephen's parents, and staying in bed a little later than usual.

But that was just our first four days! (I told 'ya it was busy!)

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