Wednesday, December 5, 2012

boys, boys, boys!

It's official. The Wall family has got to have an extra Y chromosome floating around out there. Stephen comes from a family of three boys - Aaron, Jonathan, and Stephen ...The baby :) Jonathan and Stephanie had the first grand-baby in the family, Triston Jonathan, last September. Aaron and Rosie had baby James Wesley just a week ago on November 26th. We are due with our little man, Uriah Michael, in February, and Jonathan and Stephanie found out today that their baby #2 is also a boy! Jacob Jeffrey! Grandma and Grandpa Wall will have three sons and four grandsons come May! Lucky little Uriah has already got three best friends, two that will just be a few months away from his own age! ...Boys, boys, boys!

Aaron and new baby James - We're so happy for you, Aaron and Rosie! He is perfect (Ohh those cheeks!) and we cannot wait to meet him next week! You two are going to make amazing parents! Know that your little man is loved dearly by us already!

Baby Jonathan and baby Triston - Twins?! I can't believe Triston is already 15 months old! He is such a handsome little boy with so much energy and spunk! We're so excited for him to be a big brother! Happy for the three of you and your new family! Can't wait to meet little Jacob Jeffrey!

And baby Stephen - Seriously can't wait to get me one of those!

The Wall family is bound to make a girl at some point (They have aunts! It must be possible!) but for now, I think we're pretty happy with our boys :) And can you blame us?! Look at them!

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  1. We have the opposite problem in our family.... I have 3 sisters..... My oldest has 3 daughters, my second sister has 3 daughters.... And my third sister has 4 daughters..... No boys. Everyone is bankin on me and norm... Pressure much? Ugh!