Monday, December 31, 2012

Fairbanks {part 2}

Our last couple days in Fairbanks looked similar to the first... Yummy cinnamon roll breakfasts, lazy time in our sweats, family trips to the gym, and time talking and playing with all ten (and two halfs!) of us! 

On Monday night Stephen and I got to be honorary members of Friends Church and attend their staff Christmas party! Friends has such a great staff, all who are close friends with the Wall family, so it was fun to enjoy dinner and games in their company :)

On our last night in Fairbanks we had ourselves a mini little Wall family Christmas. After spending the day with Jon and Steph running errands and playing with Triston (and after Stephen's man date with an old high school friend, Steven Norris) we headed up to the Walls for Thai food (not your traditional Christmas dinner, but a Wall Christmas dinner), talking, games, stocking hunting, and presents. Every year Santa comes to the Wall house and hides our stockings, leaving Sherri with clues to where they might be. Well, the boys found Nerf Guns in their stockings and the Wall men turned into boys. Not to say we didn't join them in the childish fun...

We also got in lots of love time with our newest nephew, James. Who is too cute and perfect for words. Aaron and Rosie did good! ;) It's awesome to see them as parents, now, and we're so excited for the adventure this little boy will be taking them on! I got in all the loves and kisses and hugs I could the week we were there; he'll be 6 months old next time we see him!

We had an amazing time in Fairbanks with Stephen's family (despite the cold!) and are so happy we were able to sneak up for a week of fun! We love you guys and can't wait to see you in May!

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