Thursday, November 15, 2012


During my 25th week of pregnancy...

During my 26th week of pregnancy...

And now, at 26 weeks complete!

Baby and I had a doctor's appointment yesterday! But it was the not so fun one where they make you drink that sugar juice and get your blood drawn. Also, where they, apparently, give you the tetanus/pertussis shot that hurts! Like hell! (Pardon my french, but my left arm is still sore so I'm a little bitter about it.) The juice wasn't so bad, tasted just like orange soda and was only a little dixie cup amount. All that sugar did not settle well in my tummy, though, and left me feeling like I was going to get sick! Which I almost did when she gave me that shot... Went white in the face and almost fell out of my chair! Have I ever mentioned that I hate going to the doctors? The blood draw wasn't too bad. They were testing for diabetes and anemia and had to take some extra for some tests I had done in Idaho at my first appointment (if I want to deliver in that hospital, even though they have those tests on file, they have to actually perform the tests there), but the guy was really nice and it was over quickly.

On a happier note, I got to hear his heart beat! Only for a short bit, but there it was, beating away as fast as could be, inside my belly... What a crazy thing this all is, pregnancy. I am making a human being inside of me. A human being! Will I ever get used to this? It's all such a miracle...

Annnd I've gained weight. Which is good, yes, the best reason to gain weight, ever! But knowing that doesn't make stepping on the scale any easier. Woof. I'm only a couple pounds behind what they usually recommend now, so I'm pretty much all caught up and am going to have to start being more careful about my weight gain so I don't overdue it! (Does this mean no more maple bars?!)

My belly button better not be an indication of when this baby is done because I've still got plenty of weeks left and it is poking out of whatever I wear! It has been for awhile but there is officially no hiding it. It's also kinda fun, though, because that means there's no hiding my belly anymore :) No matter what I wear, I look pregnant! I love when people ask me about my bump at work! When I'm due, is it a boy or a girl... He's not even here yet and I could talk about him all day!

Baby is still rolling and kicking constantly, which I LOVE until he starts kicking my ribs! (Something I apparently used to do to my mom. Payback?) I have yet to feel any hiccups which could be starting anytime! I have, however, felt a few contractions. Good 'ol braxton hicks. They say they can start as early as 20 weeks and the first set of mine hit me at about 22. I've had them twice since. Luckily not at work...yet! They never last for long and have only managed to bring tears to my eyes once (mostly because it was the first time and I was slightly terrified at what was happening!). I'm hoping they stay this sparse through the rest of my pregnancy!

The back pain has officially hit! And I hate to complain because I know it will only get worse! It really isn't that bad... Just super annoying. Bending down at work all the time doesn't help, either. I'm slowly adding more pillows to the bed to try and fix the problem. Also trying to not take up so much room I push Stephen out of it ;)

I've started to add a few notes and pictures to Uriah's baby book... Looked into tours of the labor and delivery center... I know a lot still has to happen before February arrives, but with all that we have going on, I just know the time will fly by! One more trimester left?! Ahhh! :)

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