Monday, November 12, 2012

weekend with the parents {day 1}

Jeff and Sherri got into Seattle late Friday night, and of course, we were thrilled to see them! (Ps, late, means like ten.) After showing them our apartment and catching up, the four of us headed to bed before our busy Saturday!
In the morning, we took the long way to campus past the water (Lake Washington). It was sunny and beautiful out, but cold! Jeff and Sherri had just spent a long weekend in Florida and were heading back to Fairbanks on Sunday night, so I told them they couldn't complain about the weather ;) We got to show them the hospital and the Health Sciences building where Stephen has his classes, along with the rest of the gorgeous campus. We made our way to the Ave for some Pho noodle soup lunch, Cafe Alegro for some peppermint mocha's, and to the U-Village shopping district where I work for some retail therapy. And then to home, where we put our feet up and rested, talking some more before we got ready for our evening!

The Broadway production of Wicked came to Seattle and we decided it would be a fun thing to do with Stephen's visiting parents! Not something they can do in Fairbanks... Our friends Ben and Amanda went for her birthday earlier in the week and raved about it, and I've heard from many friends in high school and college that it's incredible, so we were looking forward to it! But not only did Ben and Amanda recommend the play, they also told us about the Wicked lottery. Two hours before the show, you can go down and enter your name for a chance to win two front row tickets for $25 each (nose bleeds were going for $117 the night of the show!) Because we had watched their daughter while they were at the show, Ben and Amanda offered to put their names in the drawing for us so we'd have 6 chances to win, and we needed two of our names to be drawn. Lucky for us, Amanda's name was the second drawn, and mine the fourth! Out of nine names drawn! (Couldn't thank the Head's enough for coming to help us out! We wouldn't have been able to go had they not come! Thank you, thank you, thank you!) Since we had two hours before the show started, we walked the couple blocks into down town for some yummy grub and beers (for those of us not carrying a baby...) and then walked our way to the front row of the Paramount Theatre and fell in love with Wicked! Actually, to say we loved it was and understatement. It was amazing. Incredible. I've seen The Lion King (actually on Broadway in New York!) and The Beauty and the Beast (with Stephen in Anchorage), but Wicked became my new favorite. The music, the singing, the costumes, the acting, the story line... Uriah kicked and rolled every time Elphaba (the "wicked" witch) sang, but GAlinda was personally my favorite! I would recommend it to anyone and I would see it again in a heartbeat!

Saturday was a late night getting home for us (and by late this time I mean midnight), but we loved our busy day with Stephen's parents!

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  1. That's awesome! Front row?! I have seen wicked 3 times and I had pretty good seats all 3 times (front row mezzanine) but front front?! That's bomb! It's such a good show. Glad you enjoyed as well :)