Monday, November 5, 2012


1. Pants. The man needs pants. He's practically running around in his underwear, people! (Ok, not really. Well, only by choice. And just around the house.) Dress pants, khaki pants, demin, cords... He has about four pairs that actually fit him in length and I think we need to increase that number, don't you? (All of the above from
2. We're looking to have ourselves a fine little library someday, "that smells of leather bound books and rich mahogany"... We want all our favorite book series in hardback and these are the only two left on our list! (
3. Frames. And not the kind I have hanging all over our walls. (Though he does want one of those for his desk!) Stephen's had his current glasses for awhile and he's looking to replace them with something a little bigger and something black. These were my two favorites that I found wondering around Pinterest, today. (
4. Shoes. No, he's not running around barefoot, but he is in need of some new running shoes, as well as your everyday ones like some slip on Vans, canvas "boots", or some casual oxford style. ( and
5. These are things I want him to want for Christmas. Accessories! He usually doesn't wear ties unless he's dressing up for the hospital, but this tweed tie can be played up or down and I just know how perfect it would look with those red khakis above and his white button up for a date night, and with his brown slacks for the hospital. (
6. The basics. He doesn't know he's in need of some fun stripe and argyle socks, but he is. He is very aware of his need for some white undershirts, though. They've been on our list for some time now. Sadly, we have made it to the store for everything but... ( and
7. (Not pictured) A computer case for his new half-birthday macbook pro. All things technology are his favorite, but he's already got so many gadgets he's just asking for their accessories ;)

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