Tuesday, November 6, 2012


1. Boots! Yes, I have a hoard of them in my closet already, but 5 out of the 6 are cowboy boots and I think it's time to start branching out. (Though, while looking for boots online I kept going back to them... It's a lost cause.) Something tall and something brown. (Stevemadden.com)
2. Statement necklaces! I have a few and I'm always trying not to wear them too often because they're so noticeable/memorable. Though they might not be the best idea with a baby on the way who will pull and chew them to his hearts desire, I can't help but want them, anyway. (Anthropolgie.com)
3. Yes. I desperately want the Friends series dvds. To watch while Stephen's studying, while I'm feeding baby, on my slow mornings off work... I love, love, love this show and am thoroughly surprised I don't already own the series! (Amazon.com)
4. I do not want maternity clothes for Christmas. Nor do I want things I can wear now and after the baby comes, because my usual style isn't large and loose tops. Frumpy. But a long black cardigan is something I need now and later. And the robe? Well it just looks really comfortable. (Gap.com)
5. I have always wanted to read Pride and Prejudice because it's a favorite movie of mine and I've heard nothing but good things about the book. Now that I've seen the BBC original Pride and Prejudice (Yes, all 6 something hours of it), I want to read it all the more. (Amazon.com)
6. Because I can't really ask for clothes (and I always ask for clothes) I'll take shoes! These moccasins are super cute and look super comfy and miiiight be meant to be worn as slippers but could easily be paired with anything in my wardrobe for a quick and easy on the go look. (Gap.com)
7. It doesn't get unbearably cold here in Seattle but I have a thing for scarves and have wanted a slouchy hat for awhile. These two came into work a few days ago in every color and it's been so tempting not to snatch them up! (Gap.com)
8. (Not pictured) A camera. A nice one. A black one. I know nothing about cameras so I'm going to be turning to my mom for help, but I do know that I want one with awesome zoom and fast shudder speed that will make me look like a better photographer than I really am ;)
9. (Also not pictured because I forgot I was in need of it 'til just now) My very favorite perfume from Victoria Secret, Heavenly. Love the stuff!

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