Wednesday, November 7, 2012


He may not be here yet, but I find Christmas as the perfect excuse to do some baby boy shopping :)

1. The basics. Uriah's current wardrobe consists of nothing but preppy little baby Gap clothes, and while if I could have my way that would be all he ever wore, apparently babies spit up and poop and stuff ...who knew?! ;) And having a bunch of basic onesies and sleepers and sweats and socks is sounding pretty necessary. (
2. Our little February babe is going to be needing some hats and all the little animal ones are my very favorite! His first trip to the beach to visit Nana and his big trip to Alaska in March will call for some warm weather gear and I just can't get enough of these hats! (
3. We plan on making our child as nerdy as us (don't worry, he'll be wearing glasses before you know it) and would like to start him young on all the classics. These baby version of adult books are too lovely to pass up.  (
4. Though he'll be too little to play with these blocks when he first arrives, someday he'll find them fascinating while building castles and learning how to spell, and in the meantime I would like to use them for decorations in his nursery :) (
5. And of course outfits like these that his momma just can't get enough of! Just like daddy, seriously! (
6. But I need to stop buying the stores out of their newborn and 0-3 month sizes and start buying for further down the road because before I know it, and I'm sure, sooner than I want, he'll be in 3-6 month clothes and then 6-12 and it already makes me sad to think about it... But just a few months after he's born the weather will start to warm up and we'll be needing some shorts and not so heavy jackets and big boy sizes. ( &
7. Baby's first toys. While he already has a load of stuffed animals (thanks to his mother's obsession in all things cuddly and cute) they're all about the size he himself will be for the first few months and I'm thinking something smaller and infant approved would be good. (

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