Tuesday, November 13, 2012

weekend with the parents {day 2}

(Yes, there's a finger in this photo. It was raining and we didn't want to ask her to take another!)

Due to our late night on Saturday, we opted to go to the 11:00 church service on Sunday, which Stephen and I rarely do due to his studying, but the extra couple hours of sleep were greatly appreciated by this pregnant lady and her babe. It was another amazing sermon (one I'm sure you'll be reading about later this week). Jeff and Sherri really enjoyed themselves, too, which I was happy to hear because being the pastor and pastor's wife of an incredible church of their own, they can be understandably biased when it comes to attending other churches. I know Stephen and I compare every church we attend to Friends and always find something that makes it just not good enough, not quite as good as Friends... But we truly love our church home here in Seattle and I'm happy we got to share a Sunday of that with Stephen's parents :)

After church we took Jeff and Sherri to Qdoba and introduced them to the Taco Bell upgrade (the Wall family usually gets lunch at Taco Bell after church on Sunday in Fairbanks, an old Wall family tradition the boys have continued on with their wives). We headed home, and after a much needed nap (I can't seem to get enough sleep!), the four of us got some hot coffee and cookies and hopped on a bus for down town! We walked our way through the main drag of shops and meandered our way through the Pike Place Market, stopping, of course, for dried fruit and doughnuts! We showed Jeff and Sherri the gum wall, the view of the water, the first Starbucks... And all that other stuff that's down town Seattle ;)

We came back to our house for a game of Ticket to Ride (Stephen's favorite game!) and more talking, before they loaded up their bags and started their trek home! We are so happy they were able to hang out with us for the weekend (thank you for coming!) and stay in our home! We loved getting to show them around and share our new lives with them :) We love you two and can't wait to see you next month!

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