Friday, March 2, 2012

two special visitors...

Has it already been a week? Yikes! Last time I wrote Stephen's momma was in town...

BUT! After that weekend (but before that weekend in this post... You still with me?) We became an aunt and uncle! (Again!) Sweet baby Harper was born Monday morning, 5:37 am, 6 lbs 10 oz, 20 and a 1/2 inches long, with so much brown hair, big 'ol lips, and the most perfect skin.
I am in love. Sorry, husband.
I know I'm biased, but really?! She just might be the cutest baby girl... EVER! I cannot wait to see her on the 20th! So soon! Ashley is already the greatest momma... I am so proud of her  and love her so much! (Hi Sissy Lala!)

Back to our weekend... Saturday we brought her over for smoothies and granola (the usual breakfast round these parts) and took her on a tour of school! The health science building at UAA is brand spankin' new and soo cool! And that's coming from a non science nerd. We made him take pictures with his name tag and everything. Such moms.

We also snapped a few photos of the boobs. Ahh, yes. Boobs in a box. The things you find in a medical school building...
Why is my husband's smile so big?

After school, we dragged Sherri over to Nordstrom to show off my stompin' ground. (Though I refused to get my picture taken with the mannequins.) Stephen's been in before, but it was fun to introduce them to the team :) I've got a good set of ladies working in Point of View! 

The beginning of the Fur Rondy event happened to be going on the weekend Sherri was here! It's a whole week of snow events, starting last Friday with mini sled dog races through downtown (pictured below), snowball fights during the week (like, team names, uniforms, courses... legit stuff) and ending tomorrow with the beginning of the Iditarod! So many puppies will be lining up tomorrow to take off for Nome! "The last great race!"

We got to introduce Sherri to our friends, Ben and Amanda, (Natalie, too!) at dinner on Saturday night. Yummy Red Robin and good company... Can't beat that! I got my schedule switched around for a three day weekend, and had Sunday off, too! We had our usual Sunday breakfast (banana chocolate chip pancakes!) and took her to church (another good sermon, as always). It was a sad goodbye but we'll hopefully be spending Easter up in Fairbanks with her and Jeff! It was so awesome having her here! I'm so proud of our little home and the life we've built here... It was fun to share that with someone :) 

And then there was Monday... (or whatever day it was when I wore this)

Again with the white button up. It's hands down my favorite piece to layer with. Loving stripes, too. And colored denim. And, well, just about every trend on the market right now. 

Yes, I wore the same boots two days in a row. Shame on me. What can I say? It was a full week of work. Time to enjoy the weekend before another one starts on Monday! Happy Friday night to you all!

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