Thursday, March 29, 2012

planes, trains, and automobiles

One birthday down, one to go! Ashley's birthday was a success. Full of family, fun, and super yummy dessert. I am already missing her and her cutest baby, who is officially one month old! Oh how time flies...

The day after, and first thing in the morning, momma and I headed off to Boise to catch our flight to Seattle. The drive was just as long as it was on our way in to Pocatello and it was just as dark at 5 am, but we kept each other awake and entertained. Minimal yawning. One quick and easy flight to Seattle and our little adventure began! We were too excited to be tired! Our hotel was right next to a two story Anthropologie and a three story Forever21! I had to keep reminding myself the purpose of the trip was to look for apartments! Look for apartments... Look for apartments... Though we did find our way into a few stores ;)

First a car, then a plane.
And then a train.
But we made it! To the 11th floor of our hotel!
A little loopy... Maybe?!
Sunday was shopping day. And shop 'til we drop, we did. 

We spent Monday on campus. Looking for apartments, shopping at the bookstore (where we took a photo of every anti WSU shirt we could find for daddy), visiting the Kappa house, enjoying all the greenery... Stephen and I went on a road trip to visit the campus last year when we found out he got accepted, but this was only my second time there. It's such a pretty campus, too! I love all the old buildings! We got lucky and found ourselves in a second day with no rain :) We also found a couple of apartments! One we had already looked into, married housing through the university (how cool is it that we can apply for married housing because we're married?!) and the other, a cute little place with lots of character just two blocks off of campus. It's still too early to pick and choose, but we've made progress!
(Sorry daddy, my husband's a husky)

Wednesday, our last day, was our odds and ends, day, as you will. We had yet to go the Public Market, we still wanted a few more items at the mall, and I had never been to the Space Needle. Apparently, and sadly, the market is seasonal. Or so it seems. The usual vendors were there, but many were missing. Christmas may be over, but did they not remember Stephen's birthday?! Phooey. We enjoyed our morning sipping Starbucks (from the very first Starbucks!), eating donuts and fresh fruit, having a camera war, over looking the water.

And on to the Space Needle! It had started to rain (I think Seattle was sad we were leaving) so we weren't all too interested in walking around the Seattle Center. So momma had the brilliant idea of going UP the Space Needle! Because the wind and rain won't reach us there...?! Not quite... It was so cool, though! Happy we made the climb :) It was such an amazing view of the city! Awesome experience :)

Back on a train. Back on a plane. Saying goodbye to momma at the gate wasn't any easier than our usual goodbye at security. I am so happy I got to spend those few days in Seattle with her! It is never a boring time when we are together :) I'm so very, incredibly, unbelievably thankful for the trip to Idaho, too! My parents continue to spoil me every day. Though their unconditional love is all I want :) You two are the greatest, truly. I am so thankful, proud, and happy to have you two in my life. I love you both! Times forever!

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