Sunday, March 18, 2012

once upon a time...

We went snowboarding.
And I didn't suck.

The drive was gorgeous. Stunning. So, so beautiful! We followed the water past where Captain Cook made Turnagain Arm famous (something husband taught me on the drive). There were icebergs in it! Not quite Titanic size, but icebergs nonetheless. I spent the whole drive waiting for a killer whale to surface. No such luck. Didn't mind staring at that view, though. And the jet streams?! (I have a thing with jet streams.) It couldn't have been more perfect! It's crazy to think those mountains are right out our front door (and down the street a little). Never knew Alaska was so dang pretty! And frankly, I had never wanted to find out if it was for myself... So happy I am here, though :) Husband and I are living a pretty blessed and joyful life.

So we made it to Alyeska with smiles on our faces and the sun beating down on our backs. It was the perfect day to go snowboarding! We got some night passes for a great deal from our friends, but since the sun is staying up so late, we only made one run down the mountain with all the lights on before we called it quits. More like, late afternoon snowboarding.

We spent a good amount of time on the bunny hill with the sweet "magic carpet" in place of a chair lift. I may or may not have cut out the little kids skiing down the hill next to me in the pictures. Ok, I may. If you can even call it a hill. Stephen was a great teacher and was so patient with me. I was terrified to go down the actual hill! I wanted to make it at least four times down the bunny hill without falling, first. And I did! Eventually. And I actually didn't fall a whole lot! I was surprised with myself and kinda proud :) I in no way compare with Stephen, though. Speedy Gonzales over here.

Me made it to the "mountain" (the smallest of the actual hills) and it was oh, so much better than the bunny hill! Harder, and longer, yes, and I may have snowplowed my way down most of it, but I had a blast! Though I have yet to master getting off the ski lift on a snowboard... That resulted in injury. Every. Single. Time.

I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go! It was such a fun day as husband and wife :)

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