Thursday, March 29, 2012

birthday boy!

It may have been past midnight. And I may have been sitting on a plane longer than expected. (I hate planes. Have I mentioned that?) And I may have been sad and missing my momma. And I may have been completely exhausted. And I may have had shin splints (because we may have done that much walking). But the words, "we're nearing our decent into Anchorage" may have made every little sorrow and sleepy thought exit my mind. Husband. He was just minutes away. I couldn't sit still! I couldn't wipe that stupid grin off my face, and I couldn't stop looking out the window, anxiously awaiting our landing. As always, I sped walked my way through the airport, resulting in a sweaty mess at baggage claim. But there he was :) And there I was, holding a birthday banner for the five minute 24 year old! That smile, and those oh so amazing hugs will never get old :) I was home. In his arms. That is my home. He is my home.

I was able to bring the birthday boy lunch between class and his preceptorship (He is working with a pediatrician this term! Wouldn't he be the best with little kids?! They were all amazed at how tall he was! :) Go figure!). And, of course, we had pizza for dinner :) Followed by carrot cake! Many presents, cards, hugs, kisses, texts, and phone calls later, we settled down for bed with smiles on our faces :)

Handsome, isn't he? :)

To my husband: Happy Birthday! Again, yes. After all, it is still your birthday week :) This was your third birthday we've shared together, and by far my favorite of them all. It has been such a privilege to be with you, to watch you transform to the man you are today. To the incredible man you are today. I am so proud of you, so inspired by you. You have such a huge heart, Stephen, so open and loving and giving, and you continually let me climb further in. I have found my home in you. And in that home I will dwell, all the days of my life. For the next 24 years. And the next 24 years after that. To you, on your birthday, I wish you all the happiness the world can muster! I wish you love and smiles and laughter and easy tests! ;) I wish you excitement and adventure, challenges and triumphs... I wish  for you God's love and grace, and the heart to continue in this life the path that has been set before you. I love you, Stephen. For forever and a day, with all my heart. 

I am so happy you were born. 

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