Sunday, April 1, 2012

an outfit or four





A little behind on these outfit posts. Obviously. I've got new fun clothes to show off (Yay for Seattle shopping!), and I've had plenty of work days to wear them. And I'll have plenty more this week! No day off for me! Looking forward to our weekend getaway to Fairbanks for Easter, though! Anyway... When I got home and showed Stephen my new goods, he said, "Patterns must be in." Good job, Stephen! They are indeed. Hence the flowers and stripes and geometric shapes and swans. Yes, swans. What else am I loving in stores right now? A good maxi. Dress or skirt. Stripes! Everything has stripes! It's fantastic! The high-low look. Skirt, dress, and top. The high-low look in a bottom gives you a chance to show off your cute shoes or your new pedicure, which I'm desperately in need of. Still loving the colored denim,too. It's officially everywhere. 

And what else am I loving? Time with Stephen :)

Friday after work we took some time to play in the snow. Spring has officially hit Anchorage and the snow is melting at an insane rate. Yes, we still have a ridiculous amount of it, but I can see pavement on Cope Street. That hasn't happened since October. The snow is leaving! So we decided to take advantage of the sun and the "warm weather". The snow went up to my thighs! Stephen could run across it like Jesus on water, but I was struggling. Hardcore. So fun, though :) Hoping to get more snow time in this coming weekend! 

Getting ready for a busy week at work, and a test for Stephen on Tuesday! I think an early bedtime is in our future. 

P.s. I've been listening to a great sermon while writing this... You may have heard of Tim Keller. He wrote a book I read awhile back called The Reason For God. He's got some good stuff out there on the shelves. Stephen listened to this sermon while I was gone and has passed it on to me. Click the link if you'd like. There's a lot of sermons on the website... Always love a good inspiration to crack my bible open and dig into His word :)

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