Sunday, April 22, 2012

as of late

Thursday night we got to attend a yummy Mexican dinner with Stephen's WWAMI class. I know Stephen gets to see them every day, but I love the opportunities to talk with everyone. Especially love when Stephen's classmates have wives and babies ;) We weren't there just for the yummy buffet or my social hour, though... It was an award dinner! The John Syren award is in honor of a once WWAMI student who died in his third year of medical school. He was always really positive with his classmates, despite the mounds of textbooks and papers they all had piling up on their desks. And in his honor each year since, they award one WWAMI student with the John Syren award. Hence, the yummy buffet dinner. This year the award went to Mr. Mike Petrovich! A good friend of Stephen's and an amazing volleyball player ;) Though I just go to the games to see his outfits...

I'm a little worried Mike might try and steal my husband away... After dinner, while the sun was still out and actually hot! Yes, hot! We went and got some froyo with Dallin and Whitney, chit chatting away, enjoying the night away from studying and work.

Over the weekend I've gotten to see Stephen lots, which I always love :) My 7-4 schedule allows for some extra Stephen time, so the 5 am alarm is fine by me. And in that Stephen time we've enjoyed reading together, watching movies, cooking and baking, and walking to Starbucks in the sunshine...

I love dating my husband :)

Tonight, after work, we spent some time eating waayyy too much banana bread with Ben and Amanda, playing Balderdash and spoons. And, for the record, I didn't lose. I didn't win, either. But still...


  1. Uh...that pizza looks delicious! Haha. You two are so adorable!

  2. Aw thanks! :) We're going to be in Pocatello in August... Double date?!