Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stephen's title: "We're going to Disneyland! Not really. But we're doing lots of other fun stuff."

Sunday used to mean church, now it means work. I do miss our church family (spending Easter in Fairbanks at Friends was a huge tease). Worship tunes in the car, instead, and many prayers to Jesus for the strength to get through the work day.

We have a whole summer of church to look forward to, though! And a whole summer off work! Is this what teachers feel like near spring time? Maybe I'm in the wrong profession... Stephen finishes his first year on May 4th with a dinner/celebration to kick start our summer. I'm guessing this med school freshman has some major senioritis. I know he's really looking forward to some time away from the textbooks. As he said, this is his last summer off before he retires. Wow. So why not make it a summer to remember?!

Once Stephen is done with school, we're packing up our belongings, driving a U-Haul to Seward with Ben and Amanda, putting our life on a barge and shipping it off to Seattle! While we turn the other direction and drive to Fairbanks! We'll get to spend the weekend there (and go to church again!) then get on a plane heading to California where this beautiful couple and their beautiful baby boy will be awaiting us.

I know. He's perfect. No point in ever having a "who's kid is cuter competition" with these two. They win. Anywhoo.... We get to spend a week, two weeks?! (We really don't know yet!) with them in their new home in sunny California! I believe Stephanie's to-do list consisted of horseback riding, pool everyday, shopping, beach, hiking, fire pits, and playing with Triston. Can you say best day ever?! We're both really looking forward to seeing these two! Love our brother and sister :)

Next stop? Delta Junction. It's a small town in Alaska about two hours south of Fairbanks. I apparently drove through it once on our way to visit Sam in Valdez, but I don't remember much besides the grocery store. You can see where my priorities lie. Stephen has an internship, of sorts, to do this summer and that's where we'll be doing it. He gets to work five days a week with a local doctor, getting to do all sorts of hands on stuff and learning lots. He also has to do a health related community project - find a missing need in the community and implement it. (We just might be reaching out to you guys for help and ideas later.) June 1st to July 1st. And while he's doing that, I'll be off doing who knows what. Pinterest projects. Reading books like crazy. Working out seven days a week and getting so unbelievably ripped you won't recognize me. Or practicing for my non-working, doctor's wife, housewife days. Ok. Probably all of the above. Minus the one that requires me to work out.

After Delta Junction we're traveling to Alabama to spend some time with sweet aunt Sheila, uncle Lew, our cousins, Aleks and Catherine, and Grandma and Grandpa Wall. Alabama in July? I don't know that I'm ready for that kind of heat! Really looking forward to this adventure, though :) We don't get to see them very often and we've got a lot of fun stuff planned for the trip! Uncle Lew is a cardiologist and Stephen will get to work with him, learning more and getting to do more than he ever would with anyone else. When work is done, we'll be making beach trips to their Florida condo, maybe a shopping trip to Atlanta, and sounds like a tourist trip to New Orleans! Somewhere among all the craziness, we'll also get to celebrate our one year anniversary! Cheers to us! :)

After a couple weeks in the south, we'll be flying to Idaho! Home, sweet, home. There, we'll get to spend a couple weeks with my parents, Ashley, and sweet baby Harper! A camping trip to Jackson, a hike up Table Rock, a float through String Lake, lazy nights watching Friends, lunch at Bagelry... Can't beat that! Stephen hasn't gotten to see my family since November, and he has yet to meet Harper! Needless to say, it's going to be "SO FUN!" ...In the words of my mother ;)
Harper and Triston aren't related. And I for one think they would make cute babies. Just sayin'.

In Idaho, we'll load up our car (did I mention I have to pack for the whole summer in two suitcases? One would be ideal, but it's far too unrealistic. I may or may not be starting to panic already. ...I may.) and drive over to Oregon! The first time we made this trek we were going to my house for Memorial Day weekend. I had convinced Stephen is was about a 9 hour drive. It's not. But he came and met my parents for the (sorta) first time and got to see where I grew up. It was on that trip that he first told me he loved me :) I immediately started planning our wedding. No, but really. Anyway... In Oregon we will find Erica and Melissa and the Winders and Ali and John and all of Delta Chi and Kappa Kappa Gamma and the Oregon Coast (our favorite!) and Dutch Bros and cheap Qdoba! Oh the joys that await us there!

After a few days living on cloud 9 surrounded by all our friends, we're driving to Seattle. Where our summer adventure happily ends...


  1. Holy! That is quite the summer adventure I won't lie! You guys have a lot to pack in to 3 ish 4 ish months. Sounds super fun!

  2. It'll be busy, but we're excited and looking forward to it! :)