Monday, April 30, 2012

if i were a runner

I'd be in this picture...

but I'm not.

Anchorage's 2012 5k Heart Run. 5,000 people. $200,000. Wow. Awesome, right?! What's just as awesome to me, because I am not a runner, is that Amanda ran the 5k pushing Natalie. I'd like to see any of those boys do that ;) Stephen was the first of the students to cross the finish line, but not first on the WWAMI team. Sorry, Stephen. Your fifty something year old professor had you beat by one minute. Ouch. It was a beautiful day for a race, though, and their team got 6th overall! We got to enjoy a yummy celebratory lunch out with Ben and Amanda after (Wishing you were in town, Whitney, so you and your hubby could have joined! He refused to be the 5th wheel... Though I told him Natalie was available!) So proud of the WWAMI team (and Richard for making the front page of the newspaper!) What a great way to spend your Saturday morning, last Saturday before finals... Good luck this week, WWAMIers! :)

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