Saturday, March 24, 2012

babies and birthdays

The one thing Pocatello has plenty of? Wind. It may be 71 degrees (don't tell Stephen), but the wind has been blowing like crazy! So sunny out, though! I've loved waking up to the sun shining through the window in the morning. I don't care that it's at 7 am. It's beautiful.

Thursday night my parents and sister and I went out to sushi! An early birthday dinner for Ashley. I may not be a fan of sushi but the spicy chicken lettuce wrap?! Delicious! We spent the majority of our time trying to imitate Miss Harper Jean and her ever so popular forehead wrinkles... Apparently, she gets 'em from her aunt Allison.

What else have I been doing with my week here in Poky?

Falling so in love with the cutest baby girl, EVER! She is so precious and I am so thrilled she is apart of my life. I know that Stephen would love her just as much and I'm sad he's not here to share in the smiles... I have been missing that man like crazy! I cannot wait to jump into his arms, but am looking forward to my Seattle adventures with my momma! We leave at 5 am (bright and early!) for the Boise airport, then on to Seattle for a three day apartment hunting/shopping trip in the rain!

And a special 'hello' and 'Happy Birthday!' to the beautiful brunette currently sitting downstairs in the living room. Today is Ashley's birthday! 25! Half a century old, as cousin Stephanie said ;) You are an amazing person, Ashley! Beautiful inside and out! Harper is so lucky to have you as a momma! I am so proud of you and love you so much! I will be missing you like crazy! So how about I go back downstairs and hold your baby and sit next to you and make momma order pizza? Sound good? Ok!
Love you, sissy la la!

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