Thursday, March 8, 2012

a little bit country, a little bit eskimo

 a little bit country...

My very first second pair of cowboy boots. (I started riding in 6th grade. My first pair would probably no longer fit me. I'd hope.) They have certainly been loved, and it shows. Who doesn't want a little character in their shoes, though, right?! I'm not the best with mixing patterns, mostly because the majority of my closet is full of solids, so I thought I'd try mixing a pattern with a texture. Enter stage right, the fur vest. It made the dress a little more casual, matched the boots, and kept me warm at work. WIN.

a little bit eskimo...
Ever since the snow has started falling, I've wanted to crawl behind those icicles and take a picture acting like I was in jail. Mature. I know. But they touch the ground! You wouldn't be able to resit, either. So last weekend when Husband decided he needed a study break and we made our way over to Starbucks, we stopped by the backyard to check it off my to-do list. It was just as fun as I'd imagined all winter. Another win for Allison.

This last week has been busy and stressful 'round here. Stephen had his Anatomy final on Monday and is currently off taking his Microbiology test. (Not to worry... To no surprise he passed his Anatomy final! "With flying colors", as I've been saying, because Husband is so humble I'm not allowed to tell anyone his actual grade!) He's been studying so diligently and is so dedicated... Praying his Microbiology test is nice to him! He's almost home free, though! After school tomorrow he will start his Spring Break! I have to work, but we plan on spending all our spare time together relaxing (something he doesn't get to do too often) and exploring Anchorage! We have yet to be tourists in our own town! I haven't had it too easy at work, either. I still love my new position!, but the last two days our Regional Manager has been in town (kinda like my boss's boss...) and we've been trying so hard to make everything perfect for her and learn as much as we can from her. She was super sweet and helpful, and I'm really glad I got the chance to work with her! But who knew being on your A++ game for two days could be so tiring?! (Is it horrible that I'm not usually on my A++ game?) The end result of two long days at work was THIS...

In Husband's favorite outfit of mine (NOT! Never would have known I'd won best dressed in High School.), so tired I couldn't stop laughing, eating Skittles on the kitchen counter. Please note the hair and toes in the last photo. Sexy and I know it. And the lifetime supply of Capri Suns on top of the refrigerator. Best team mom, ever.


  1. I love your fur vest!

  2. Thank you! My momma has a matching one :) It's from Nordstrom!