Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Who wouldn't want to get off a plane to that face?! 

I hate flying. Hate. I love arriving. But getting there has never been my friend. The three hour flight to Seattle ended in bumps and ups and downs and sweat and tears and cinnamon sugar almonds. Already eaten. Eww. Right? I'm that girl on the plane. The poor guy sitting next to me... I was miserable and not wanting  to get on the plane to Boise. I did, though, and made it there chum free. My momma was waiting for me outside the terminal with a smile on her face and a comforting hug... It was so good to see her! As we made our way to baggage claim I see from the corner of my eye a young beautiful momma, baby in hand, walking our way. That pretty lady was my sister, and that baby was my niece! I had NO idea they were going to be at the airport to pick me up! And with them?! Was Janice! My childhood second momma! One surprise after another... And they kept coming! We went to get some grub before hitting the road and as we're ordering, in walks Kristin! My very best friend from birth! Literally! We had the same due date :) Two bites into my sandwich? In walks Gail! My cousin who is going to school in Boise! So many visitors :) 

We made the long, boring, awful drive home in the dark after talking and talking and laughing and cooing over Harper. Daddy and my grandparents were waiting for us :) And I got to have myself a sleepover with Ashley and baby Harper. We got up at seven, just in time to say goodbye to daddy on his way to work. Then I fell asleep for a two hour nap with Harper in my arms :) Best feeling, EVER! I was crying just watching her sleep! She is so beautiful and cuddly and sweet! Didn't know I could love her this much :) 

After more hours of napping and cuddling and being lazy with momma (both mommas!) we got ourselves cleaned up for some 5th Street Bagelry! (My favorite eatery in Pocatello! The yummiest bagel shop.) Got to see Ashley's cute home and Harper's so cute nursery! Ran errands, made a yummy dinner, and enjoyed the company of family :)

P.S. It's hard to try and start a fashion blog when my sister is the cuter one. Sigh. Story of my life.


  1. She does not look like she just had a baby!! Harper is beautiful :)

  2. ALLiSON! We need to get together while you are here!! Call me! P.S. Are you sure Ashley had that baby?! She sure doesn't look it! Haha! Harper is so precious!

  3. Doesn't she look amazing?! Cutest baby, too :) (Though I am a little bias!)

  4. I have two BEAUTIFUL girls! ...and a beautiful granddaughter too! :) And...I am so HAPPY you are home, Allison!!!