Thursday, March 15, 2012

and a half

1. Pizza night. Last Thursday. Every week, like clockwork, I will be making the weekly menu and shopping list, and when I ask Stephen what he wants for dinner that week, his contribution is always (always!) pizza. I gave in to his request, corn and all. (Yes, corn on pizza. It's actually really good!) It was oober delicious.
2. After Stephen's test, the first night of Spring Break, there was a jazz concert held at school that one of his classmates, Richard, was playing in. (How Richard manages to attend practices and perform while attending medical school is beyond me. Kudos to you, Richard.) Now, I know nothing about jazz. Literally, nothing. But what I heard last Friday night was good music! A few different groups played before bringing out the "big band" and their special guest. Some guy (I know, I'm terrible) who could play his sax better than I can play speed against Stephen. Yeah. That good. It was amazing! 
2. (and a half) The saxophone player himself! (He's kind of a stud.)
3. Me. After a long day at work and the concert. No, I'm not stoned. Just tired. 
3. (and a half) Husband and myself. I recently discovered I like scruff. So he's been maintaining it and keeping it around. I'm hearing from the other ladies (aka, my cousin Gail) that it's pretty dang sexy. Sorry, Gail. He's mine. 

Stephen took the first weekend of his Spring Break completely off. No studying. No books. Though I think he's used to being busy, now, because the house was clean, dishes done, breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared when I wanted (and what I wanted), the car cleaned and oil changed... Maybe I should be a working wife and he could be the stay at home dad... 
I had to work the weekend, but when Monday came around and I didn't have to head into work, we headed off to Palmer. (After a long morning in bed doing absolutely nothing but being completely and utterly as lazy as possible.) 

Don't let the sunshine and shades deceive you. It was freezing. But isn't that view stunning?! I can't believe I get to live here. It's incredible. (Side note. I really think that all the 'incredible' girls on The Bachelor (other than Courtney, of course) really deserve someone who doesn't describe them, (and everything!) with the word 'incredible'.) 
Stephen has been to Palmer once and saw it as a place he might like to live one day. But I refuse to move somewhere I've never been, so we had an adventure. The drive from here to there is amazing. The Starbucks we found along the way in Wasilla was delicious. And the company was superb. Palmer, however. Not so much. Gorgeous, yes. But there isn't really a town to live in. Or to visit. Unless old, smelly, creepy "antique" shops count...? Pretty sure we saw at least 4 chiropractors, too. Does Palmer have back pain?
We found a little trail towards the mountains we explored a little. (And by little I mean not really at all because I was freezing and wearing Steve Maddens.) And then a yummy little soup and salad place where we enjoyed an early dinner. There wasn't much to Palmer, but we had fun :) 
And when we got home? Stephen had Princess Diaries waiting to be watched on his laptop :) I had a hankering a few days prior to watch it, all the quotes kept running through my head... I hadn't seen it in years! And it was just as corny now, as it was when it came out, but it was cute. And the fact that husband found it, downloaded it, and actually watched it with me?! I think I'll keep him around. 

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