Friday, February 24, 2012

casual friday

You know those jeans? Your favorite jeans. The ones that are the perfect wash, perfect length, fit just right in all the right places... They're a bit too tight just out of the dryer, though (Yes, I dry my jeans. Bras, too. Yes, I basically disobey all washing instructions on all my clothes.) and putting them on causes all sorts of weird dance moves and squats, wiggling them up your thighs and bum just to suck in it before buttoning them. But! Fifteen minutes after they're on, they're perfect. Tight enough you don't need a belt, loose enough to eat just about whatever you want. And then they stay in their perfect state for days, never stretching out. And when you realize you were able to wear them five days in a row, the squeezing and sucking was totally worth it. Say hello to those jeans.


For those of you who don't know, Husband has been cheating on me. Her name is Bio Chemistry, and she's kinda a beezy. He'd spend all day with her, even visited her on the weekends. Sometimes he'd even get away with talking to her in our own home! While I was in the kitchen, no less! (No doubt cleaning up his dinner) She started to do a number on our relationship. I became jealous and he started to defend her... I finally convinced him to break up with her, though. Apparently she put up a pretty good fight. But, at last, she's gone. And my husband is back! Until Monday, that is ;)

(Aka, Stephen passed his Bio Chem final today!)

Stephen's momma, Sherri, is in town this weekend! It has already been an interesting Friday... Giant plastic bags, three car rentals, shaft talk over pizza, cop cars, and ugly dolls... I'm looking forward to what the rest of the weekend will hold! :)


P.S. "Put a bird on it"? 
(Portlandia reference)
More like, "put a belt on it". 
Story of my life.

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