Saturday, February 18, 2012

a sequin soiree

Had myself a little sequin soiree at work yesterday. (Remember the real sequin soiree we went to Allison? (The other Allison) And the crazy events that lead from that...?!) My second day as the Assistant Manager. That's right! Someone over here got herself promoted! I was offered the job on my first day back, but it was a long process to interview and make it official. Salary pay and all. Feel kinda like a big girl, now.

Husband is still sick and eating his way through a box of popsicles while studying away for his test on Monday. Sister is still pregnant but due SO SOON! And I get to see precious baby Harper when I visit on the 20th! I'll be in Idaho for five days, then head off to Seattle with my momma for three! We get to do some apartment hunting/shopping/walking/eating in the city I love so much. My parents have officially landed in Africa and started their incredible journey. A whole twelve hours ahead of us, it's already almost midnight there. Crazy! My mother-in-law is coming to visit next weekend. It'll be fun to show her our little place and around the town. We haven't had any visitors yet! And in the next hour I am off to lunch with Amanda and her sweet baby girl. (I'm sure pictures will come tomorrow)

And, welp! That's about it!
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  1. Yes, I remember!
    I miss those crazy nights!

    I loooove you!