Saturday, February 4, 2012

the things we think are pretty COOL...

1. Presents. Really, I shouldn't need to say more. Everyone loves getting presents. Presents are cool. But cute, cozy socks with moose on them are hard to beat. (Erica, Sharmoose and Shartroose would love these!) Paired with a lazy night on the couch reading a new book (The Hunger Games are over and I've moved on to Ender's Game) and a mug of chocolate milk... COOL!

2. The fact that my parents are going to Africa. AFRICA! In two weeks! ...COOL! Though I'm slightly bitter, because I'm pretty sure, no I'm definitely sure, my daddy made five year old Allison a promise to take her to Africa when she graduated college... I was obsessed with The Lion King. Still am. However, bitterness aside ;) I couldn't be more excited for them! My momma just posted pictures on her blog, making it all the more real! Safaris, pictures, tent camps, beaches, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Swahili... Jambo! They have so much to look forward to and I'm genuinely so happy and excited for them! Oh, and jealous. Did I mention that?

3. Sister is pregnant. This is old new, yes. But she's due NEXT MONTH! ...COOL! I am so excited to welcome baby Harper into the world! She is going to be so beautiful and so loved! I am so proud of my sister for all that she's gone through... This baby has one kick ass momma!

4. Changing someone's life with new clothes. Ok, maybe not her life. But her attitude and perception of herself. Making someone feel confident and beautiful? ...COOL! I love the people I meet at work and one in particular. She's a wonderful mom and wife, a working woman in her fifties chasing after a promotion. She's spent her life in so-so clothes never really caring about her wardrobe. And the she met me. After two hours she was almost in tears with excitement and joy, hugging me, saying it was the best day of her life! Today, I made a new friend :)

5. Being famous. I wouldn't know, but you could ask Stephen. Recently, he's been published. In an Oregon Bride magazine, of all places. Our wedding photographer, Aaron Courter, was published in the magazine! ...Along with Stephen's face :)

It was one of my favorite pictures from our wedding and I'm so happy Aaron was recognized for his talent! So, being published in an Oregon Bride magazine making you forever famous? ...COOL!

6. Stephen's cool: Well the first cool thing is that I am writing on our blog...I kind of feel like a big deal. Another cool thing is coming home from a long day at school and even though my wife isn't home yet, the house smells delicious from a tasty meal in the crock pot.

7. Stephen's cool: Whats cool at school? Well medical school is all about learning a lot of intangible stuff, but this semester we are learning how to take a physical exam and that is something I can actually do. ...Much more cool than being able to recite all of the nerves in the head!

8. Stephen's cool: Life is cool. Thank God for it every day.

Yup. Agreed. LIFE is pretty cool.


  1. Life IS pretty cool!!! Love the socks! And you, both! <3

  2. They're from Eric :) Love you two, too!