Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a toast


Oh, Monday. Surprisingly, you were good to me. Spent a solid day at work (starting to take on more managerial tasks and loving it), and a cozy night in bed catching up on fashion blogs, Pinterest, and Postsecret... all my favs. As a bonus, Husband and the WWAMers won their volleyball game! And word on the street was, Michael was sporting some sexy Daisy Dukes. Better watch out girls.


Prrrrobably coulda turned on the flash for those ones. Oops! Certainly not my momma. Whom, speaking of, is safe in Africa and loving it! They've been able to write a few e-mails, enough to tell me that it's unbearably hot, they're with a fun group of people, they've seen some amazing animals (elephants, lions, black rhinos, baby zebras...), and that they're having a blast :) So happy they get to have this experience! And on their 26th wedding anniversary, no less! So cheers to 26 years! To my two best friends, my parents, my inspiration... 

We love you, mom and dad!


  1. LOVE your Monday outfit! Your hair looks so gorgeous! What kind of curling iron do you use?

  2. you LOOKED like mama on Tuesday :)

  3. Thanks! :) It's a one incher, Conair brand. Something you can find at every drug store. And I wrap the hair around the iron away from my face, pretty simple! Usually doesn't take too long :)