Sunday, February 19, 2012

this & that

Saturday I enjoyed a yummy turkey cranberry sandwich in the wonderful company of Amanda... Much needed girl time :) When I got home, Stephen was dressed and ready to go, dishes done (he knows the way to my heart) and instead of heading out the house to a coffee shop to read and study, we lazily plopped on the couch and did this...

Ok, half on the couch, half on the desk chair. Awkward, but oh, so comfy. It was fun to sit and talk, goof around... Kinda like we were dating again. Which we still are :) (Oh, and isn't he handsome?!)

Groceries, coffee, textbooks, and three amazing Value Village finds later... We enjoyed some good 'ol spaghetti and continued to veg on the couch with a white board in hand, playing hangman (Husband's choice. I hate the game and it may or may not have lead to a tiny dispute) and the dot game. You know, the one with all the dots in a square and you write your initials in them... Yeah. That one.

Husband would like you all to know that he downloaded a few new songs last night (that I will now be hearing on repeat every time he plays his 'study mix' out loud). He would also like you to know that I (apparently) look and dance like THIS GUY. Funniest music video ever. And yes, I have been reenacting it in our kitchen all day.

I had a work meeting this morning, which meant no attending church. But we were able to listen to Jeff's sermon! While cuddling on the couch (only slightly better than the chairs at church) I've mentioned before that I am slowly making my through a journal prompt book, each page posing a different aspect of Jesus, followed by a verse or two, a story maybe, a few questions to get you thinking. Today's topic was titled "A Reservoir of Power", talking about how the Holy Spirit lives in all of us and we at any time have the ability and opportunity to access that power, to find the Holy Spirit within us and change. Wow. Incredible, right? I stumbled across this quote the other day that fit quite nicely with this topic... "You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself." And you can make that change with the Holy Spirit. What's stopping you?

Another perk in our Sunday (besides our nice nap) was getting to skype with the Winders! And how could these two faces not brighten your day?!

Study time is nearing its end and husband's arms are calling my name :)
Much love to all!

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