Thursday, February 9, 2012

as of late...

Cheers to the birthday shopping, again! Aunt Kelly sent me a gift card (possibly my favorite gift to receive!) and the shirt and belt were just two of the four purchases I made with it. All apparel. Of course. I wore this to work on Wednesday and wowed them all with my eight dollar purchase. I know! Can't be eight bucks, right?! Dressing for the day just might be my favorite part it. Other than the daily phone calls to my mother and the sweet love and kisses from my husband, of course ;)

Despite the fact that outfit posts are my daddy's favorite... ;) NOT! (Hi daddy!) Quite a few other things have been going on around here...

First off, we have a new neighbor. Seen her a few times around the street and our little four-plex. For being incredibly tall and dark brown, she blends in really well. Causing Allison (me) to freak out in the car when she sees her standing four feet from her window. Yeah. Scary.

The weather is warming up, though despite what everyone from Alaska says, it's not warm. Though, thirty-six degrees above zero does, surprisingly, make a difference. The sun is in the sky about seven minutes longer each day, too. Meaning it's light around nine am and still light at five! That, more than the rising temperature, makes me so happy! Also causes some pretty sunrises on our way to school :)

Husband and I are as happy as clams. Though I've never really understood that saying because clams just hang out alone in the ocean making pearls... It just means we're happy. And in love. Fall more in love with this fella every day. He's been so supportive of me going back to work and I am so appreciative of his flexibility, going to school two hours early or staying there 'til I get off at ten... He's a trooper.

Along with the moose, we've had another visitor. Ann. She was a little creepy at first, but she kinda started to grow on me. Though I wasn't too sad to see the human skull leave the apartment this morning. Stephen's been slammed in school, one hard Bio Chem test every Friday and three days to study for an equally hard Anatomy test with homework and and hospital visits in between. Not to my surprise, though, he is excelling :) I am so proud of all the hard work he is putting in! Long hours and long days to further his education and one day support our family... He's so intelligent and determined... I am, still, so proud!

I took on a little project of my own the other day... Made myself a 'Stephen Box'! (Momma, get the reference?!) I've had a collection of notes, letters, and cards shared between Stephen and I for the last few years just strewn about the house, finally decided to put them all together! I cheaply and and quickly decorated an old shoe box with scrapbook paper and stickers we used on our wedding board (a giant 'welcome board' of sorts at the sign in table). Yay for art projects!

And 'yay' for the coming days! I have the weekend off, which will consist of babysitting sweet baby Natalie on Saturday, church on Sunday, and double date night with Heather and Brandon on Monday! I have to work on Valentine's Day (booo!) but plan on making cupcakes for Stephen's class :)

Thanks to all those who continue to read our little blog! ...Trying to keep it interesting! ;)

(I just realized I start too many sentences with 'Though'. My bad.)

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