Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a day late and a cupcake short

Before the cupcakes took over my kitchen, Stephen and I went on a double date with our friends Heather and Brandon on Monday night. I've been working with Heather since we moved here and her long distance boyfriend, Brandon, is in town for a few days! And since I've always wanted to meet him... We found ourselves at Moose's Tooth Pizza (best in town!) for three hours chit chatting away while crazy huge snow flakes fell outside at a ridiculously fast rate. The restaurant was warm and cozy, the pizza was delicious (spicy Thai pizza!), and the company was wonderful!

My favorite thing about this outfit? (I wore this Monday night on our double date) When I logged on to my favorite fashion blog Tuesday morning she was wearing almost an exact outfit! Change the shoes and the color scheme and we were spot on! Made me think I'm not totally lost in the fashion world I love so much.

And then there was volleyball. As there is every Monday night at 9 pm. Stephen's class has a team called the WWAMERS... Pun intended. They "wham" the ball. (hee hee) Amanda and I have been die hard fans (as the director of inter-mural teams calls us) since they started playing last semester and now she gets to bring Natalie along, her two month baby girl. We try and pay attention and clap and cheer when we see the team doing it, but mostly we sit there and talk talk talk :)

And now for the good stuff. The love stuff.

Hoping you all had a happy and love filled Valentine's Day! Every girl on Facebook was showin' off her roses and chocolates, so I already know ya'll were spoiled :) As was I... in a different way. Stephen and I have never done much for Valentine's Day. Cookies, maybe a card, certainly lots of kisses, but never anything else. This year was the first Valentine's Day we were married! So that was kinda fun about it. It didn't matter what we did, what we got each other... the fact that HE was and always will be my Valentine is the best gift I could ever ask for. Husband had school all day and I had work all night. I only got to see him for a few hours. (Booo!) But he spent the whole day at school (literally, the whole day), learning and studying and furthering his education for me. For us. And I know I write all the time about how I'm so appreciative he is going to medical school to someday provide for our family, but seriously, I AM! And maybe those outside of medical school will never fully understand... But he puts in countless hours of studying and preparing and sitting in class... Never getting enough sleep or exercise or time with his friends and wife... He is constantly stressed and busy and studying... This life is draining on him in so many ways... And he's doing this for us. And I'm supposed to call it even by making him cupcakes and giving him a cute little book on Valentine's Day? No. This is something I'll never be able to repay him for. Nor will I ever be able to describe to him, or to you, how deep my appreciation and pride runs. I know everyone thinks their husband is the best. But really, I'd have to disagree :) 

I've been in love with Stephen from day one and on our third Valentine's Day my feelings have not faltered, only grown deeper. Never could I have imagined I'd be so lucky as to marry my best friend, though I'd certainly dreamed for it. He is not perfect, nor am I, but together we are. I am so in love and so looking forward to all our adventures to come! :)

My present to Stephen...

I got Stephen this little book, tied in a bow with a cupcake. "Me without you is like hair without do, biker without tattoo, tango without two..." Each page a little scenario of what my life is like while he's at school or I'm at work. Sad and miserable! But it was a cute book, and in the end they find each other :)

I made cupcakes for Stephen's class, little red hearts included. I've become somewhat of a class mom, I think. Always sending Stephen off to class with cookies and bringing Capri Suns to every WWAMI volleyball game. I don't have children of my own, so 19 grown adults will have to do :)

And what else happened on Valentine's Day? 
Oh! That's right! THIS GIRL had a birthday!

Miss Madison is a very favorite Kappa sister of mine whom I miss dearly! I have no doubt her amazing boyfriend treated her oh so well and that her roommates (aka, my best friends) showed her lots of love ;) Madison has got to be one of the smartest gals I know. So strong and independent and FUNNY! Oh how I miss the days of calling myself her roommate and talking for forever about nothing. This girl deserves one hell of a birthday, and I hope she got it! Oh, and isn't she beautiful?!


  1. Hey! I love your blog! You explain perfectly how it is being a med student's wife, never seems like we could do enough to repay them for all their hard work.
    And...cute outfits!

  2. Yay! I'm glad someone's reading it! We need to go to lunch on Saturday with Whitney and take pictures so I can blog about it! ;) Haha! We sure are lucky girls to be married to such dedicated men! And thanks! You can shop in my closet whenever you want!