Sunday, January 29, 2012

working woman


Yes I know, it's blurry.
But husband isn't a professional photographer,
and my point and shoot isn't a professional camera.


Wednesday I went back to work. (Though I didn't capture Thursday's uniform, it was a pretty teal top with dark skinnies and my very favorite wedding boots.) Same place, Nordstrom. Same department, Point of View. Same beautiful, wonderful women to work with. I thought I'd dread, no, I did dread going back to work, but was pleasantly surprised by how much I missed it. I work with really sweet, fun women, with really pretty clothes, and with super nice customers. My feet have not quite adjusted to standing all day, however. 

Yesterday I got off early, which resulted in date night with husband. 

Thanks, self-timer. Husband took me to Campobello, a little Italian restaurant around the corner. Italian. My favorite. It looked like a little whole in the wall from the outside, but was a quaint little Italian get-a-way inside with a super friendly waiter and incredible food. We spent the rest of the night laying in bed, reading aloud "Catching Fire" (the second book in the Hunger Game serious. I'm already on the third, but I've re-read the first and most of the second out loud to Stephen who has less time to read due to his studying...) eating chocolate covered strawberries. Yum. 

Today we skipped church. I know. Shame on us. I miss our church family. But it was my day off and the opportunity to be incredibly lazy took over me. Stephen woke me up by rubbing my back and kissing my cheek as the smell of pancakes wafting in from the kitchen. Seriously, he's amazing. So pancakes for breakfast and cereal for lunch. Half way through my new book. Our house has not been cleaned. I am not showered. And it's been wonderful. Though the laziness will end before our pizza making date with Stephen's brother and his wife. And even though I have to clean my house, I'm excited for the company :)


  1. OoOo love your date night outfit! So cute!

  2. Thank you! :) Patterned tights and a cardi turned work into play!