Friday, January 13, 2012

Birthday girl!

That's me! 
Well, was me. My birthday is officially over. But I squeezed in as many "because it's my birthday" excuses as I could while it still counted. A happy birthday it was, though! 
Husband brought me breakfast in bed (my favorite cereal with a candle in it) singing 'happy birthday'... What better way to start my day? We made carrot cake together; my all time favorite. From scratch Nana's was delicious! He's been making it for three years now every birthday :) And then we proceeded to the living room floor where we played three rounds of a new card game momma sent me (we love games in the Wall household). There was screaming and slapping (the ground, not each other) and lots of laughter. I won :)
Stephen had school, but he was sweet enough not to look at a book for the rest of the day. I treated myself to a very long, very hot shower and then brought him bagel sandwiches for lunch. We ate them in the third floor study room that has a perfect and beautiful view of the city which was, at the time, under attack by snow. 80 inches and another foot and half on it's way. This is the most snow Anchorage has seen since 1994. Just for my birthday. 
Had myself a Skype date with Erica and Melissa until my computer went kaput. Always love seeing their beautiful faces! It was a birthday treat to sit and talk and swap stories. 
When I picked husband up from school he took me shopping, my birthday surprise! Picked me out two very cute and cozy sweaters :) 
Opened presents from my parents when we got home (thanks momma and daddy!) and spent some time on the phone with them. 
And again with the food... (all my favorites in one day!) Stephen made me dinner... Banana chocolate chips pancakes and smoothies. Per my request :) I didn't clean a single dish all day, either. Husband did good. 
We cuddled and read our nerd book until our friends came over for cake. We got to see sweet baby Natalie and all 'oo' and 'aww' over how stinkin' cute she is. Hadn't seen the Heads or Andersons since we left for Christmas break, so it served as some much needed catch up :) 

I had a wonderful 22nd birthday and am so grateful for the friends and family that made it so. I am looking forward to the next year and all that it may bring!

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